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Why cant we create high quality music anymore just like we did in 70's 80's and 90's ?

Maybe TED community will disagree with me on this but I strongly believe that music of our era lacks the originality and genuineness of the previous decades. Not particularly Rock Music but also pop and even folk music is getting more disposable every day.

What do you think on this? do you have any idea on specific causes and what can we do to prevent or turn back good old days of music?

When will we listen new Depeche Mode, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Nirvanna or Michael Jackson? When and how will Madonna be better than her 80's version?

Do copyright violations have an affect on this?

Did mainstream media and its profit policies took us down here?


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  • Aug 20 2011: I would argue that you may not be finding something that hits you, but that i personally have found quite a few albums that i could listen to for years in the last decade.

    just a short list of some of my favorites of recent years if anyone is interested in checking them out

    Recovery - Eminem
    Mer de Noms - A Perfect Circle
    Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace - The Offspring
    With Teeth - Nine Inch Nails
    Hot Fuss - The Killers
    Release Therapy - Ludacris
    Tim McGraw & The Dancehall Doctors
    Burn Burn - Our Lady Peace

    Those albums are all masterpieces released in the last decade - in my opinion. If you want to hear artists expressing some real emotion these are my top recommedations
    • Aug 20 2011: The problem might just be a fracturing of the available markets. During the wonderful 70's, the somewhat OK 80's and the disapointing 90's (music wise) the media available to the public was basically AM, then slowly FM, Records and then slowly CD's.

      Now with iTunes, the internet and an exploding spectrum of targetted niche radio stations, it may just be that you can't find it.

      I listen to the local University radio station. They play music that would not ordinarily be played on the commercial bands and some of it is really good.
      There is also one or two internet stations that I frequent (Radio Paradise comes ot mind) that are programmed by the operator and not by a service. That provides a window into music you won't find many other places.

      The best thing to try is to go to local shows. The local music mag here in town (Edmonton AB) has pages of local acts at bars, community halls, night clubs and coffee houses.

      Something for everybody and nothing beats a live show.
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      Aug 20 2011: Hey there Ryan;

      First of all thank you for responding. And I really respected your taste of music ( eventhough I am not a big fan of rap and eminem) the rest were really inspiring albums espcially tim mcgraw's, killers' and surely nine inch nail's and maynard's ... Anyway The main thing that I wanted to point out is hidden right under your comment. You made a list of best albums in last decades...

      Here is a random pick date from the era I mentioned : 1975

      And the list of albums that were released in that specific ''year''

      pink floyd- wish you were here ( lets take this as coincidence)
      Led zeppelin- physical grafitti
      bob dylan- blood on the tracks
      bruce springsteen- born to run ( just random picks)
      queen -a night at the opera
      aerosmith- toys in the attic
      rush - fly by night
      frank zapppa- one size fits all

      and bunch of albums that I didnt mentioned, by bob marley, brian eno, patti smith, david bowie, ac/dc, black sabbath, elton john, fleetwood mac, grateful dead, ted nugent, jeff beck, the eagles...

      Now I dont say todays music is all bad. For example my best friend claims that Coldplay is ''maybe'' the best band of all times. And I really like them aside with muse, a perfect circle, killers etc they are not bad. U2's and Metallica's latest albums are alll good. But if you look at the lists we posted here, and compare them you will see that the the number of high quality albums are getting fewer each day as time goes by...

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