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Is the stock market good for the economy? Why?. Moreover, is it still of use nowadays?

Fluidity and investment are crucial for the growth of a business. Beside the risk of bubbles, I believe that, taking into account the current level of technology and interconnectness, there should be better ways to guide the funds to the projects that deserve them the most, but without keeping as priority the enrichment of a few, already wealthy, individuals.

I'm thinking on things that could be called wiki funds, or wiki businesses in which the classical private company, profit maximization, paradigm is changed for a "global quality of life" maximization paradigm.

And I'm not thinking about NGOs, or on switching into a totalitarian socialist regime, but on healthy and productive businesses that can be created under the current political and social context, and that emerge and succeed by their own merits. Their only difference is that they cannot be bought with money.

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