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Share a TEDx talk from youtube that you believe is an idea worth spreading!!!

With new talks on hold for TED's annual vacation time and so many talks posted on youtube, let's share some of your favorites here. . .

I am thinking only post one a day that you loved, that way it is not information overload!

My first to share is Simon Sinek's talk from TEDxMaastricht "First why and then trust"

I loved a few from this TEDx event - right up my alley

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    Aug 21 2011: This is a great idea Autumn!

    I have to start with 2 as it is difficult to choose which one to post. Our potential for growth and wisdom are limited only by the extent to which we open our minds and Brene Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert have a gift to do just that... hope everyone enjoys these if they haven't already! (I'm going to check yours out right now...)
    PS. These 2 would be first on my invite list for a girl's night of good food, wine and stimulating, life- affirming conversation. Lets add more kindred spirits to this list with other people's recommendations!

    • Aug 30 2011: What is great about you mentioning these talks, is allthough I have enjoyed both previously, I feel it was the perfect time for me to revisit them. I sometimes feel that when I first watch a talk I get so much from it that I can not believe how much more when I come back around to it.
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    Aug 30 2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xq-HpT5jh2Q

    This is a BG photographer who really follows his dreams and is a great role model!
  • Aug 27 2011: On the debate posed by chris anderson on allowing anyone to post their own ted talk on ted or continued handpicking

    LEE WILKINSON suggested this: Chris, is it possible that there could be a forum similar to TED Conversations where short Ted Talks could be uploaded for a short period of time. That way it could also be a learning opportunity for those inspired to participate and we could learn though feedback.

    I really think it is necessary to keep the talks on TED separate from the talks on youtube. . . there were a lot of ideas from that conversation that were interesting though.

    I like this, I couldn't comment on the conversation, it was closed :/ However, it would be really great if the links to the youtube talks showed up the way a link does on facebook-
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    Aug 25 2011: The Global Water Footprint of Humanity - TEDxOslo
    Much of our water consumption is currently invisible to us. Water consumption is not only about the amount of water we use at home - the visible water: that represents only around 3.5% of our daily water footprint. It is also, and especially, about the amount of water we use to produce the food we consume: this is 92% of our water footprint.

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    Aug 23 2011: Most watched of our last years event:

    (though there are some others I would like to suggest)
    • Aug 30 2011: That was great thank you- If I was picking my talks based on topic, I do not know I would have ever watched it. If there is one thing I have learned on TED it is that there is a universal story behind everything, we can learn something under every stone!
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    Aug 23 2011: It's akin to answering the question what is your favorite book! My contribution is :
    Sir Ken Changing Education Paridigms - Not new, but still just reaching the education world

    • Aug 30 2011: It is akin to what is your favorite book, because it is so relative to the person who is recommending it. It is always good to be reminded of the quality talks out there. You should check out all the talks on youtube that you don't see here- just type tedx in the search query!! Thanks for your suggestion!
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    Aug 21 2011: TEDxAddis - Belachew Girma - World Laughter Master
    Belachew Girma is the holder of a Laughter Guinness World Record for 3 hours and 6 minutes of uninterrupted laughter.
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    Aug 18 2011:  
    My pick, it's very entertaining:

    TEDxVancouver - Nardwuar - Do It Yourself!
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      Aug 25 2011: Couldn't go on after the spitting thing.