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How to find strength in difficult times?

Life is full of ups and downs..
Some we encounter a situation where we surrounded with problems and difficulties bt all we need is the strength to tackle the situation.
So how to find this strength in such difficult times or just tell how do u find ur strength or from where do u find ur strength in difficult times ??

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    Aug 17 2011: First try to focus on things I can control.
    Second as Joe rightly said below , get strength from loved ones like friends, family, colleagues, mentors etc by staying close to them, communicating with them frequently.

    Even only communicating openly the situation to loved ones brings lot or relief (even if one is reluctant to seek help / support)
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    Aug 16 2011: Hello there Dara. The strength comes from our power to love, hope and trust. The means are the power of our hearts to care and the power of our minds to understand. These capabilities rests upon our true nature or true identity as precious, worthy, important, intelligent and intrinsically good individuals. Sometimes the only barrier is the limiting beliefs that we have imposed upon ourselves or the opinion of others of ourselves that we may be unknowingly consenting to. http://Bit.Ly/KeyPower

    When the dawn of despair, frustration, hopelessnes or mistrust engulfs us, often times the only thing that can lift us is the power of love. The power of love can come from our family, our friends or a stranger. For believers, there are special people that we can talk to or pray to. All these sources of inspiration and strength translate into what we describe as inner source of our peace.
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      Aug 17 2011: Well said Joe..... your suugestion gave me a glimpse of Swami Vivekanand's(was a great Indian spirtual leader) thoughts.
      Once a person asked Swami Vivekanand ," what is worst than losing everything we have " and Vivekanand replied " losing the hope which will inspire and help you to get everything back"

      thnx joe.....i would love to get more feed back from your part if u wish
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    Aug 17 2011: Strength is nothing but the belief that I will be able to manage this. Be confident and see what best could be done in the most difficult time.

    Secondly, in difficult times the best friend with you is your inner calm. If you are calm inside, the situation will calm down with you in the same proportion. A sense of inner calm, will help you overcome the difficult situation.
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    Aug 26 2011: God always makes me feel in peace even in very difficult times, eventually things get better because i believe that God is fixing problems for me, God might not be real but if you believe in it, it will become real and that will really help you out :)
  • Aug 17 2011: Dara,

    As stated by Salim having a support system, especially that "2 am friend" as they call it that will ask, where are you? And what can I do? It is a great start. I’m presently getting out of a though situation and what has helped me is the simple act of expressing my feelings and allowing myself to feel what I’m feeling, which I usually tried to control. Crying and just letting the process take its course, accepting it and embracing it has helped me too. Finally I have realized that there’s a reason for what I’m going through. I remember that this shall pass too, since I had come out of worse situations. Yoga has also help me so much, I am able to see things clearer and just accept that I can choose to learn from this situation or drown in it.
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      Aug 17 2011: yes Angelina you are absolutely correct.....today the we have lost totally in the artificially world and we have become so much artificial that we even fail to recognize what we really are and what we really feel abt ourselves.

      As u said '"the simple act of expressing my feelings and allowing myself to feel what I’m feeling"' is the ultimate quality we need to inculcate in ourselve so that in this artificial world atleast we will be true to ourselves ...

      .this will help to know where I am really lagging behind and in what direction i need to proceed.
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    Aug 16 2011: Scribble down the ten most important things to you; they can be past present or future. Then find three words or phrases to sum those things up. Those are your core values re-evaluate everything and get rid of the things that don't fall in line with them. Mine are: leave a legacy, be humble, and do it with heritage. Saying that in my head when I go though tough times helps me grind though.