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I always encourage my children to be themselves, be different, don't follow the crowd. Can this attitude cause problems later?

Should they follow their own drummer or try to fit in?

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    Aug 16 2011: I raised my kids in a similar fashion and I have 5 who are now adults. In addition, I used to empower them by telling them that I did not care who told them to do what was wrong- even the president of the United States (which is funny because we are Canadian) - that they needed to do what they knew to be right.
    The only down side- if you can call it that - is that they really challenged the heck out of me in their teen years. No turn of logic on my part went unchallenged and they demanded good reasons for all my expectations of them. Unfortunately the teachers were not always big fans of these challenges to them either! The good news is though that they turned out to me engaged and proactive citizens.
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    Aug 16 2011: It should be good being themselves & being different.

    Only thing need to be taken care so that "Being yourself" doesn't always means ignore others view.
    "Be diiferent, don't follow the crowd" does not sound to them be individaulistic , don't care about others.

    That's what I feel........
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    Aug 16 2011: Good question. Some kids follow their own drummer naturally and it's so fun to watch them. I guess one can encourage children to do so, but in the end, it's in the genes. In my humble opinion.
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    Aug 17 2011: Being different is our nature.. and you don't cause problems when you are being natural.

    Being what you are will give you an inner learning of knowing more about you. We have a friend who does not believe in any education system and has asked his children to learn from life instead of university. They spend time in jungles, reading books, meeting people, spreading knowledge and above all accepting everyone as it is.

    Most learned entity will discriminate and the real learned will equate.

    You must read the poem The Students Prayer by Umberto Maturana, which will help you understand more about individuality and freedom...
  • Aug 17 2011: I was and am different. My mother was a 'born again Christian' and dad was non committal. Without realising it, I was an Atheist. Amongst a host of cousins, I stand alone in being an Atheist. My wife, who is a Catholic has not visited a church for years. I have never told her not to. My children I believe are Atheists as well. I used to question quite a bit on life and God concept, as I just could not understand what my mother was talking about. Since the arrival of Google, I have been able to harness limitless knowledge and I can assure anyone, to be themselves, be confident in one's self and do not be afraid to be so!
  • Aug 17 2011: If every one of us becomes different, then what worth’s to be different? Therefore, in addition to what you said, we should encourage them to be reform-minded too.

    It is a wonderful thing if we keep children not being brainwashed from system and thoughts of crowd which leads them to come up with new solutions for constant development of human.
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    Aug 16 2011: It can if the energy they express those characteristics with is negative. You have to be sure that when they do those things they do it in a positive way and for a positive purpose.

    The other thing is explaining the value of different people and defending the little guy, so they don't become over-confident when people notice and buy into their great personality because it is different.

    They need to define their core values, mine for instance are: leave a legacy, be humble, and do it with heritage. If something I am doing doesn't fall in line with those things, I will just as soon be quiet.
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    Aug 16 2011: Yes it does. My dad is a very open minded man he mostly drioe me to become what I really am instead of be a part of majority. I am happy that he did so but it sometimes makes me hard for me to fit in sub-societies and very hard to feel dumb-happy as others. Still I think it is best way for our race to evolve into better. Diversity is s strong fuel for social dinamyc development.