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I always encourage my children to be themselves, be different, don't follow the crowd. Can this attitude cause problems later?

Should they follow their own drummer or try to fit in?


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  • Aug 17 2011: I was and am different. My mother was a 'born again Christian' and dad was non committal. Without realising it, I was an Atheist. Amongst a host of cousins, I stand alone in being an Atheist. My wife, who is a Catholic has not visited a church for years. I have never told her not to. My children I believe are Atheists as well. I used to question quite a bit on life and God concept, as I just could not understand what my mother was talking about. Since the arrival of Google, I have been able to harness limitless knowledge and I can assure anyone, to be themselves, be confident in one's self and do not be afraid to be so!

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