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What are some ways to help youth in our communities?

Sorry for the recent change but was told I must change the title in order to reflect the whole TED community and not ask for any personal help in particular for a project. So perhaps instead we could share some ideas and personal experiences about learning, growing and the best methods we have had or experienced to benefit youth in our communities.

To get us started there are a list of questions below that could help get some ideas flowing, feel free to use them or not. All ideas are most certainly welcome.

1. Did you have a teacher that inspired you? What did you learn most from him/her?

2. Is there any particular school project or assignment you had that sticks out in your mind? What was it?

3. Knowing what you know now about the "real world", is there anything you wish school better prepared you for?

4. Do you love your work? If so, what inspired you toward that field? If not, what is it you would love to do if you could?

5. If there are three pieces of wisdom or advice you could give to a kid, what would it be? If you are a current student what 3 pieces of wisdom or advice would you give adults?

6. If you could design a worshop or class for any age group you choose, which age group and what would you want to teach? Current students encouraged to answer this one too.

7. Are there any classes, workshops, books, etc that have had a huge impact on you? What are they?

Thanks again!


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    Aug 16 2011: 5. Do not believe. Do not force yourself to believe. Be suspicious. Do not become angry with somebody who tries to convince you of his opinion, but try to understand his line of thought and look out for the flaws.

    6. Thinking with order and method like Hercule Poirot. Maybe mathematics or programming.

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