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How would you regain social control?

Things have changed since the internet was introduced 20 years ago. All we know and all we are have been digitalized. Who doesn't have a Facebook account or a profile on any other social network provider?

Back when I was young nothing of that sort existed. Playing meant going outside to a park not behind a screen playing WoW. Chatting would mean get together in a pub and talk.

Due to all these changes I've became somewhat anti-social. Making new friends or just get to know new people has become unfamiliar. What seemed to be so obvious and so easy when I was young, is not the same anymore.

The last year I've challenged myself to work on that. So, I began practicing a new sport, got back to the gym, went out alone in bars, took a few courses. I've challenged myself to go out, out of my comfort zone.

It's been hard and still is, but that's how I believe to regain my social control.

So, How would you regain your social control?


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    Aug 16 2011: Hello Michael,
    when I was young, I liked to go out and meet people, enjoyed talking and listening to them. But sometime later I lost interest, became easily bored and no longer interested in their ways and views. This was more than 30 years ago. Again later I noted that I was missing a lot in my personal life and looked for ways to overcome the reclusion. Therefore I turned my curiosity to people, supported by my habit of reading books, which had luckily included Freud. Maybe might help you as well. Good luck!

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