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Unite for World Peace

People believe in different things but is that a reason for us to divide ourselves into different groups? Why can't we unite and develop ourselves in order to create a better world? Is it possible to unite? If yes, then how?

My idea here is for us to acknowledge the positive of our differences(that is religion/faith).Let that be the power that binds us together.If we unite,I am positively sure that world peace will arrive in no time.Wait no longer, lets start to bridge the gap between us!

Please let’s share some of our basics? And when answering these please try to be Open Minded and use only constructive comments and questions.

How does your 'faith' help you personally on a daily basis? What does it mean to you?

Who do you pray to? and what do you pray/ask for?

What is your Holy Book? and do you take the words literally? What is its main message?

What is the main thing that your faith has taught you?

Does your faith teach about unity and world peace?How so?

*Credits to Kate Blake

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    Aug 16 2011: Muhammad and Kate, great conversation.

    I don't have a religion or base belief system but I will still try to portray my basics in the topic and contribute to the conversation. In a nut shell I believe in all existing faiths but not in religion, do not practice any faith in specific but have taken great learning from passages and quotes from all religions and prophets, from Bahais to Catholics, from Taos to Muslims, from Atheists to Agnostics, from Mayans to Sufi's, etc...

    I believe that we are one, but not the same. I believe that we are all energy, the same energy, humans, animals, planets, things, etc. I picture all that energy like a floating ocean, we are all but one drop, take me out (a drop) and nothing happens to the ocean, but take them all? nothing remains.... I believe that we all play a role, that does not oppose, I believe that there must be unity in diversity, embracing the differences to understand how they seek the same thing.

    Imagine that we all like ice cream, why would we have to settle for vanilla or chocolate? At the end we can all choose a flavor or a mix, but the result is the same. We are all eating something sweet. This is my take on peace... I've been fortunate enough to meet wonderful people with different sets of beliefs and: all of them have the same basic ground rules, all of them despite the wording or language talk about unity, peace, good and meaning.

    I have not met one single person that is congruent with their prophet/religion/beliefs and does not know peace. Peace is a way of life that starts with us. When we live in peace is a magnificent and very contagious energy manifestation.

    On the other hand when I find people that say that believe in something but are deaf to what they pray/believe/say, I've never seen peace within them, therefore tends to build tension around them.

    I'm marveled to see so much awareness on earth, everyday I feel how humanity is increasing its percentage of consciousness and how we are uniting...
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        Aug 17 2011: Thank you Kate, I really appreciate this.
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      Aug 17 2011: I am glad that both of us are having 'ice cream'! I like your story.If only people would realise that no matter which 'flavour' one chooses,at the end of the day, it's still a sweet treat.
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        Aug 17 2011: Thank you Muhammad, the best part is that peace is ever lasting and is way less fattening than actual ice cream :) Have a great day!
  • Aug 16 2011: Finding a way to start dialoguing about the Questions, will help us see the stories we can all agree upon. They might be stories like Gandhi and peace, or even stories of struggle and independence from oppression. While we do not share common religious symbols, we might be able to find some other symbols. One that I find to be powerful in my faith and yet open to other faiths is a simple loaf of bread. Bread is sustenance; it moves us to strike out at poverty. Bread shared becomes the basis of community. Bread gives life, a desire I feel many on TED share for themselves and others. Practically this can open us to new community where all are not tolerated, but accepted. Real pluralism means I may not agree with you, but you are welcome at my table. Shared practice in things like prayer acknowledges across faiths a desire to touch the transcendent.

    That can lead us to start talking. This is a conversation right? We can talk about the answers to the four questions of worldview. We won’t all agree. In a peace seeking worldview that’s ok. It isn’t looking for the least common denominator that will help us find peace. It is looking for a way to express a new way to look at the same world we all live in that will help us start the journey.

    Muhammad, you started the conversation. Help us to speak with each other please.
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      • Aug 17 2011: Kate
        I really believe there has to be a previous or better yet a deeper understanding. Yes, hearing from others and understanding their perspective is wonderful. I have studied and taught world religions. My post tried to say we have to step back and see how our worldviews differ, but intersect, are based on distinct ideas, but share common themes.

        What I was attempting to do is start to provide some themes that we could talk about.
      • Aug 17 2011: Kate
        What I believe is this. There are huge differences in beliefs that absolutely cannot be reconciled. But for me, that's ok. However, there are huge themes and understandings that bind us. Some of these need to be explored in order to find real peace and understanding.

        I am no expert here, just one who would love to see conversation not just on ideas, but the things that happen before ideas.

        Kate and everyone, what are some stories of peace that we all can share?
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      Aug 16 2011: I love the bread imagery and the concept of sharing sustinence. It speaks to me.
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      Aug 17 2011: I believe what Kate said is true.

      better understanding => unity => world peace
  • Aug 15 2011: We need to destroy the Worldwide System.
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      Aug 15 2011: EXACTLY
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      Aug 16 2011: Do you not find the notion of basing world peace on the premise of destruction somewhat contradictory?

      I do.

      That is not to say, we would not be better off without many, or all, of the items on your list. We may well be.

      Personally, I would not want peace to be so distant and challenging an undertaking.

      Peace is not the absence of something (or of many things;) it is the presence of something.

      We do not become loving by "destroying hate."


      Of course, I find the premise of "World Peace" somewhat misguided. The assumption is we can somehow "convert" the world.

      Be realistic.

      First, "The World" does not exist - the earth does; the world doesn't.

      Second, there are over six-billion people (which is usually what we are referring to when we say "the world") and it is inconceivable we will even align ourselves with what the term "world peace" means - for some, it is Islam, for some Christianity, for others: rationalism, secularism, anarchy, laissez-faire, etc., etc.

      Third, the people who are here (us) are like a tide - we wash over the world only to be replaced by a new generation who will, very likely, replace our beliefs with beliefs of their own.

      As far as I know, "world peace" is only possible one person at a time.

      If one is at peace, one is at peace and the world will be a peaceful place. Peace in the midst of chaos, if you will.

      And when we are at peace, then we have the ability to be a positive influence on those around us who may then see peace as an option by our example.

      Peace on earth starts, and ends, with me.
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    Aug 24 2011: Thank you for sharing Gabriel, really appreciate it. Best regards!
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    Aug 17 2011: Currently, there are revolutions occurring in unstable Governments. The world can see now that free markets are the key to economic success. The world is beginning to take note that republics are stable governments. The world is currently learning the hard way that socialism is an impossible dream & it cannot be sustained. Religion is slowly loosing it's strangle hold on eastern nations & their people are gaining rights!

    The modern world is definitely moving towards peace : ) ... all on its own.

    The superpowers may never wage war again. The most developed countries will not destroy themselves by not cooperating in their global community! Peace is not just a dream! It is Inevitable!
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      Aug 17 2011: Borrah I definitely like the positive mindset and I'm really curious of knowing whats your take on the personal level? How can we contribute to this peace or how are we already doing it? thanks!
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        Aug 18 2011: Well, I'm sure one thing that would really speed up the peace process would be communication. If governments had something like a social network that they were all apart of; they could communicate to each other ways to improve! They could also ostracize each other for having bad ideas. The current method governments use to communicate with each other is woefully outdated.

        Communication is the key.

        On a personal level... I think the generosity of individuals has done more for peace than we realize. I don't think the countries that are sent humanitarian aid will be poor forever. One day they will be powerful new allies for everyone that decided to help! The amount of aid given to troubled nations just wouldn't be possible if people didn't give to charity & I think that says a lot. I'm not sure how much aid comes from the individual nations, but it's not the amount that matters.

        Besides that, I don't think there is much else we can really do to connect. However, what little we can do, we probably will without thinking too hard about it!

        Just by bringing up & talking about the topic here in a place where people from different nations can see it, you & I have done a great deal to help the cause.

        People naturally want peace. They just need to know that such a thing exist!
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          Aug 18 2011: Thank you Borrah I had never seen this take on peace before, it is very interesting. Great contribution and again thanks for helping peace.
  • Aug 15 2011: I think what really divides us from each other is Religion and Race.
    Religion and race has a big emotional effect to a certain person,cause its their beliefs that we're talking about.
    From the war in the middle-east to the world wide terrorism,the main cause of all these things are Religious beliefs and race discrimination.In addition to these things pride and confusion corrupts the natural moral values from God.
    We are all reading the same Bible,We are all reading the same word of the Lord.We are all worshiping the same God,The One true God.
    Whether you're a Muslim,a Christian,a Buddhist etc. we are all equal.
    for me Religion and Race never existed because in the eye's of God we are all equal.
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      Aug 17 2011: I can't agree with you more.In the eyes of God we are all indeed equal.Will humankind ever see beyond religion and race?Make religion a key force in uniting us all? can diversity bring unity? What's your opinion on this?
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        Aug 24 2011: Muhammad great questions,

        Yes human kind will see beyond, I think/feel we are already headed in that direction.

        Rather than religion I would choose faith itself, the meaning, the core as the key force to uniting us all, in the end all religions have a very similar core...

        Diversity as we discussed is what actually allows us to connect and appreciate what we have and what we are. Imagine for a second that everyone thought, looked, spoke, believed in the exact sames things as you do.... would you really like that place?

      • Aug 26 2011: TO Muhammad

        yes human kind can see beyond religion but the problem is they get stuck in their own religion even though they know that their religion is headed for disaster or they know or feel that we are the same.They don't trust the being within them,they do not listen to the words in their hearts.for example the muslim's or Islam in the middle east they actually teach the youth's and their own children to hate christian's and jew's they teach them to become a suicide warrior.some muslim parent's are against this outrageous act but they couldn't do anything because they are afraid to be killed cause we all know that in their religion the consequence is death.
        The main 4 thing's that prevent us from uniting is

        here's the link bout the mislead youth's
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          Aug 26 2011: That's just wrong! It's wrong in every way to teach children to hate other people of different faiths.How can we ever educate the people in the Middle East to really understand that their religion is actually a religion of love...
      • Aug 28 2011: That's why we must all act right now and make a move and an organization to prevent this kind of act.let's gather all the people not only here on ted but also around the world.everybody here in this conversation must act.We need a Slogan.
      • Aug 29 2011: thats a great slogan joe.what about "energize our mind and heart to transform our world"
        I'll search around for you guys have facebook?heres my email address
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      Sep 6 2011: " I think what really divides us from each other is Religion and Race." -quote jejomar
      i agree with the religion part but i believe we are united in race
  • Aug 17 2011: Juan Jimenez
    you're a great man.i like your contribution.
    stay cool Jude.
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      Aug 17 2011: Jejomar thank you, peace to you as well.
  • Aug 16 2011: I am a Christian. I make no bones or apologies for that. I believe that Christianity is the way to know God. I do believe also, that followers of other faiths are good people and have good practices. So while speaking of the exclusivity of Christianity, I do not want others to believe that I think they are bad or evil people.

    What Muhammad has called us to in this conversation leads elsewhere. It does not lead to either: the destruction of all religions or the idea that all are equal. Beliefs follow worldview. What we need to be able to seek peace, is a rethinking of worldview and if possible search for that common ground where people of all faith or no faith can say, yes, I think that way too, let’s talk.

    Here is what I mean. Worldview is made up of the following elements: Stories shared narratives of how the world operates and the relation of symbol and praxis to the whole; Symbols artifacts or events that retell the cultural stories and serve to reinforce or call people back to worldview commitments; Praxis; practical ways of being in the world that imply actions to be taken in accordance with stories and symbols, which help answer the questions on a daily basis. And finally Questions who are we? Where are we? What is wrong? What is the solution?

    (continued below)
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    Aug 16 2011: My faith which is based only on my thoughts, teaches to give away more than I take. I am sure most of your faiths do have a similar commandment. But people who share your faiths do not obey those commandments. Thats why your faiths are in conflict with each other while mine gets stronger each day.
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      Aug 16 2011: Hi Erol,

      Could you explain how you give away more than you take?

      I find that an interesting idea and not in keeping with my particular understanding of what it means to give and to receive.
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        Aug 16 2011: Hi Thomas;

        I am not a native English speaker but I will give a try to answer your question in full detail.

        There are some things I have which I take from other people or nature. On the other hand there are some also which I created both physically and emotionally by myself. For example you take your families love and support for yourself but give away your own support those who needed. I am not an overdosed romantic or such a sentimental person but I think we can spread or at least share our wealth with others.
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          Aug 16 2011: Hi Erol,

          Thanks for your answer.

          Yes, I agree we receive a lot from other people and from nature. And we can offer support to others too.

          I guess I have always assumed we "get" more than we "give."

          I don't mean to and from other people so much as to and from nature (or life - or God, if you're religious.)

          As the saying goes, [when you exhale for the last time] how much would you give for one more breath?

          And even from people, we receive a lot. As it says in the Bible (Deuteronomy 6:11) "The houses will be richly stocked with goods you did not produce. You will draw water from cisterns you did not dig, and you will eat from vineyards and olive trees you did not plant."

          [And, no, I am not religious.]

          I suppose we could say what we give in return is appreciation but still, in my mind, that would (at best) "balance the books."
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    Aug 15 2011: As long as people feel superior or futile to others, there can be no unification between humans. There must be an equal playing field, something human beings haven't experienced since our first few fragile years of existence. It was so short lived because of our limited understanding of each other and the world around us. Today, we have a much more clear view and our decisions, feelings and ideas are more friendly because of it. The problem is our societies, all of them, have been built around the traditional fears of mankind. This is something we can not hope to out grow without joined effort from every corner of the globe.
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      Aug 24 2011: Gabriel, very interesting contribution.

      How can we start this movement on the personal perspective? In your view is this possible? What should I do to prepare my self and/or be ready for this joint effort? And more importantly what are your thoughts on this joint effort across the globe? Thanks again!
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        Aug 24 2011: World peace is absolutely possible. John Lennon once said, "A dream you have alone is only a dream, but a dream you have together is reality." The sheer fact that people have been talking about it freely and passionately for over half a century is a real indication that world unification is coming.
        To prepare yourself, take some time to really enjoy the Earth we all share. Develop a keen eye to natures many systems, perhaps take a few biology classes. It sounds almost cliche, but there's a reason why most scientists are doves and not hawks. The deeper you go in understanding the Earth, the more you will see that we are all intrinsically connected to one another. Compare the human species to the cells that make up your brain, and you will see that if one region worked only for it's own benefit and waged war the other regions.. you'd likely be dead.
        The real change comes from within yourself, and sure it sounds seemingly futile, but back to the human/body analogy. If one out of trillions of cells decided to restore order, the first thing it would have to do is to act accordingly. The cool thing about humans is that we're not cells, and are capable of complex thought and understanding. The greatest way to lead, especially in a peaceful effort, is by example and not by force.
        To begin the globally joined effort, I think we'd have to out grow things like racism, along with culture and class wars. Let's say you were a middle Eastern extremist (for example) and hated the United States. The reasons you would ever hate another culture so different from yours is out of fear. Just as Christianity promotes the golden rule of "do on to others as you would want done to yourself", so does most all other regions in civilized nations. Society today is paranoid and suicidal. I say that because there's no trust among us, even in our own country, and we are always looking for the next "end of times' prediction. There, indeed, is a heaven. We just need to build it.
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    Aug 15 2011: If religions were able to detach themselves from political and commercial ulterior motives, then world peace might well be the outcome. I am suggesting that the religious divisions and sub-groups may have come about through those ulterior motives, rather than through any laudable, philosophical and spiritual aim of the betterment of humanity and resulting world peace.
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      Aug 15 2011: Is it possible to overcome this situation whereby division of people into groups plays the main role in today's world? Is it possible to just skip the differences in order to see what we have in common? maybe we can unite if we see what we have in common.If we unite, we can focus on developing a better world for all.The inability to not see what we have in common makes it hard for any of us to understand each other.This makes it hard to bridge the gap between different sub-groups.
      find what we have in common=>better understanding=>unity=>world peace. what's your opinion on this?