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How are we going to get out of debt?

There are increasing debt problems in most countries at the moment, and it seems everyone owes everyone money. How would you solve this?


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    Aug 14 2011: Change our way of thinking and behavior.

    *Economically: We have to switch from mass consumption society to a less is more conviction.

    *For the moral aspect I would like to quotate the Dalai Lama:

    ‎"To develop a sense of universal responsibility - of the universal dimension of our every act and of the equal right of all others to happiness and not to suffer - is to develop an attitude of mind whereby, when we see an opportunity to benefit others, we will take it in preference to merely looking after our own narrow interests."
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      Aug 15 2011: I like you idea of switching from mass consumption to a less is more conviction. For example as far as food is concerned we are currently producing more than we actually need and yet we have both overweight people as well others suffering from hunger.
      However, stopping such excesses can ultimately only come through education.

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