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get rid of politicians

politics is too important to be left to politicians. Is there anybody who doubts that? So I say let's eliminate them: they are the middle man that's no longer needed in an electronic age. We can have direct voting and open debates, using the Internet. Why not? All I see all day on the Internet are debates on books, sports teams, ideas, consumer products... and most times the dumb ideas are voted down. So let's trust ourselves and tell the politicians bye-bye.


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  • Aug 14 2011: What a crazy thing. Do you want to come back to the stone time? What would we be without politicians? They control the world and it is not a bad thing. They may make bad things, but we need them. Without them the world would fall down because the world is evoluted, but human beings were always controlled by a more powerful man, it won't change from night to day.
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      Aug 15 2011: so your argument is that we'll go to the stone age without politicians? and that we were always controlled by powerful men, so we might as well continue?

      that's just a poor way to argue: listen, ancient Athens was governed by a form of direct democracy, and they are one of the great examples of human achievement. The usual argument is that you couldn't do that in a big country, that the sheer number of people makes not practical: I would argue that the electronic age allows us to connect with other people, and that allows more people to talk, argue and ultimately agree.

      Instead of just declaring stuff, perhaps you have an argument to make?
      • Aug 19 2011: Sorry C.V. But I think you didn't understand me. I think it's because my language is different of yours and I still don't have a good English, I think.
        I haven't written that this idea is bad. I have meant that this idea isn't easily applicable. I think so, I am not sure because it's from my personality that I can believe, but I'm sure only if I see, or if someone show me a proof or something like this.

        I think that there are two meanings: Politics and politician. It could (not would) be very good if politicians don't exist. The problem is, as Erol Toksoy has said, people are based in this principle (Politics) and people in general are not ready to adopt something different.
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      Aug 15 2011: Eduardo, i say we lives to our full potential as humans and take back control from men and woman who do not care about you asmuch as you think.

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