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get rid of politicians

politics is too important to be left to politicians. Is there anybody who doubts that? So I say let's eliminate them: they are the middle man that's no longer needed in an electronic age. We can have direct voting and open debates, using the Internet. Why not? All I see all day on the Internet are debates on books, sports teams, ideas, consumer products... and most times the dumb ideas are voted down. So let's trust ourselves and tell the politicians bye-bye.


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  • Aug 18 2011: How is, "a permanent state of highly corrupt political and economic instability" not "exceptionally bad."
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      Aug 18 2011: easy: it is common. i mean, i'm not going to migrate to greece for example.
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        C. V.

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        Aug 19 2011: yes, a lot of European countries are messed up. From what I hear, that is due to:
        * being dragged into the Euro before countries were ready
        * corrupt politicians
        * politicians choosing to bail up banks for the risks they, as private companies, took

        Now what do those things have in common? Decisions made by people at the top, benefiting other
        people at the top. Privatizing gains and socializing risks.
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          Aug 19 2011: dragged by who? europe has democracies, every decision happens with the authorization of the people.

          corrupt politicians are in place because? because people voted for them.

          do you think there are massive protests against bailing out banks? not really. people support bailouts.

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