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get rid of politicians

politics is too important to be left to politicians. Is there anybody who doubts that? So I say let's eliminate them: they are the middle man that's no longer needed in an electronic age. We can have direct voting and open debates, using the Internet. Why not? All I see all day on the Internet are debates on books, sports teams, ideas, consumer products... and most times the dumb ideas are voted down. So let's trust ourselves and tell the politicians bye-bye.


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  • Aug 17 2011: I'm from Ottawa witch is like the hart of Canadian politics so i see a lot about what they do. Yes they can do things that the public doesn't like their humans to their going to make mistakes, and bad things are going to happen, but they often are put between a rock and a hard place and they are forced to see many different things we don't. for example there was a thing lately about wind mills not making as much energy as they bring in. i had a plan to make twisting wires in side them not an issue and the ice on the propellers not have to be heated off. but then my aunt made me think differently. no wires no need for the producers and keepers of the wires. with ice on the wings more things such as houses are damaged. with this new powers source other other energy markets become smaller. So far people have lost property and jobs. i'm not a good writer so i don't know if this makes exact sense but look beyond the writing into the message. these propellers may in theory be good for the environment but are they really whats best for the people? now try having this debate with like 8 billion people. half don't really understand or know the facts and another 40% don't care

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