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What each of us could/should do to the world get better in terms of environment...

I am very concerned about the climate, fast increasing of pollution and, of course, careless people.
It's not difficult to put the waste in the dump. This is a matter of hygiene.
It's not difficult to stay under the shower for less time. This is a matter of economy.
It's not difficult to use a bycicle to get to the supermarket to buy few things, to school, to work etc.. This is a matter of practicality.
It's not difficult to separate waste kinds. This is a matter of recycling.

All these things are more than we could imagine. All these things are a matter of time saving, money saving, life quality, education, evolution, beauty creation. These things could make people smile much more. The question is why not do these things if they are easy to do? Why show that working in group is too hard? Actually, it's not. And this is a matter of wish. I think that We have to clean the world quickly, but We, human beings, need to clean our minds before.

I finish this issue to question:
- What do you do or not to clean the world?
- What would you also do or not to clean the world?
- What do you want people to do or not to clean the world?

Thank you very much!


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    Aug 27 2011: start an environmental revolution! vote for leaders with an environmental focus and mandate! Boycott products that refuse to change for the sake of our environment. Environmental SCIENCES get more funding for research.
    Make crazy laws that wake people up to pollution control!
    We can't go backwards to the past...we need to move farward in a way that makes SAVING THIS PLANET a Fashion, a law, a real major part of who we are...not what we believe...but what WE KNOW AND LOVE!
    • Aug 28 2011: Fully support your opinion! It's time to save the planet before it's too late (perhaps, it's a bit too late but better late than never). The earth is under "stress" just like our bodies do get sick if not balance or properly cared, the earth is very "feverish" as seen lately many weather related disasters occurring due to imbalance of the planet earth caused by mankind (got to be kind-er to Mother earth) imo. People may argue that it is natural or earth is expanding or contracting, but I think 70% were caused by our negligence. If trees were not cut down excessively, a lot of floor-related so called natural disasters would not have occurred (jmo). :) Trees are our natural source of oxygen but today we & mother earth breathe in more carbon dioxide.

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