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What each of us could/should do to the world get better in terms of environment...

I am very concerned about the climate, fast increasing of pollution and, of course, careless people.
It's not difficult to put the waste in the dump. This is a matter of hygiene.
It's not difficult to stay under the shower for less time. This is a matter of economy.
It's not difficult to use a bycicle to get to the supermarket to buy few things, to school, to work etc.. This is a matter of practicality.
It's not difficult to separate waste kinds. This is a matter of recycling.

All these things are more than we could imagine. All these things are a matter of time saving, money saving, life quality, education, evolution, beauty creation. These things could make people smile much more. The question is why not do these things if they are easy to do? Why show that working in group is too hard? Actually, it's not. And this is a matter of wish. I think that We have to clean the world quickly, but We, human beings, need to clean our minds before.

I finish this issue to question:
- What do you do or not to clean the world?
- What would you also do or not to clean the world?
- What do you want people to do or not to clean the world?

Thank you very much!


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    Aug 23 2011: After the last post: The color, design, make, brand and price we look after. Its a cultural change happened in our societies due to economic development. For example, in our Indian culture we used to buy clothes once/twice a year for a festival or on any special occasion. Now what happened, people are not waiting for festivals. They came to know that for buying clothes we need money, not festivals. What we say for this change ? Yes, there is no single answer for this. But if we drill down to the root cause we end up with change in individual's attitude, approach and application. The very purpose of buying clothes (in this example) is lost. This applies to each and every product we are using now. Think over. And if we go back and change our basics to simplicity, the entire economy will shift to a new base point. And of course, the environment (our subject) will be put a little better place than now.
    Friends we need to talk extensively on this, for now I am taking break.

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