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What each of us could/should do to the world get better in terms of environment...

I am very concerned about the climate, fast increasing of pollution and, of course, careless people.
It's not difficult to put the waste in the dump. This is a matter of hygiene.
It's not difficult to stay under the shower for less time. This is a matter of economy.
It's not difficult to use a bycicle to get to the supermarket to buy few things, to school, to work etc.. This is a matter of practicality.
It's not difficult to separate waste kinds. This is a matter of recycling.

All these things are more than we could imagine. All these things are a matter of time saving, money saving, life quality, education, evolution, beauty creation. These things could make people smile much more. The question is why not do these things if they are easy to do? Why show that working in group is too hard? Actually, it's not. And this is a matter of wish. I think that We have to clean the world quickly, but We, human beings, need to clean our minds before.

I finish this issue to question:
- What do you do or not to clean the world?
- What would you also do or not to clean the world?
- What do you want people to do or not to clean the world?

Thank you very much!


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    Aug 23 2011: Thank you Henrique, for surfacing such an important topic.
    I do regularly keep tab on my carbon foot print. Be it water, paper and fuel. At my office, I use the paper on both sides. Using less water, optimising the electricity, using public transport are all, I am doing. But these acts contribute a lot for the cause of environment protection, they are not enough. We need to go beyond that. These are just like small medicines for a chronic disease. Medicines are not enough as we know, we need to change the complete metabolism.
    Today we are leading lifestyles in a complexity that can never give you your life back. We are lost in that swirl. we need complete shift in our attitude, approach and application of of our thoughts. I believe spirituality have answers for every problem in this universe. we lost the very purpose of living. Though we get any good sign of reformation,rejuvenation and improvement, we see those something different. Something that are not connected with our lifestyles. As MK Gandhi rightly said, Everything is for your need,not for your greed. If we perceive for our greeds, then obviously we will land up in the situation where we cant meet our basic needs.
    The simple idea we need to follow is : Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. These are simple terms and they are self explanatory. Though everyone are saying on these lines, the extent to which we are thinking and implementing will differ to person to person. So for reducing to the least level (means consumption), you need to change our entire lifestyle drastically. With this knowledge and attitude, I doubt we can do that. It demands a major shift and ultimately...Simplicity is the best answer. Keeping it simple or being simple is not so simple..Simplicity demands for a sustainable lifestyle which we are far from. For example: If we go out to buy a shirt, we need to think first why we require that ? But unfortunately, that is the last question we are encountering with. ----to be continued..

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