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Why is it taking people triple the effort to laugh these days?

People rarely laugh these days. With stand up comedians finding new windows of opportunity to enter societies, and with technology developing that should presumably make our lives easier, why is depression still a growing disease and why are people becoming more depressed? I'm interested in hearing some feedback from social psychologists (if any) and other theories of how we can improve the society's mental well-being.


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    Aug 17 2011: My answer to this question will be that people in general are just to obsessed with the pleasing of the senses, in other words gaining pleasure.
    Wich is quit different then the more divine and pure feeling: joy.
    I reckon the pleasure approach is to materialistic, fake and momentary.
    As human kind we should do more introspection, tutorial and discover that the kingdom is in us.
    • Aug 18 2011: Well said!! I dont have anything other to comment other than: well said!!

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