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Why is it taking people triple the effort to laugh these days?

People rarely laugh these days. With stand up comedians finding new windows of opportunity to enter societies, and with technology developing that should presumably make our lives easier, why is depression still a growing disease and why are people becoming more depressed? I'm interested in hearing some feedback from social psychologists (if any) and other theories of how we can improve the society's mental well-being.


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    Aug 14 2011: Hi,

    I'm not a psychologist but I think I've got something to say about the developing technology to what you're refering to.

    I asume the problem with technology is that we're expecting those things to make our life drastically better from the one moment to the other, namely the moment when we purchase such a advanced device. Thereby comes that human kind always wants more, wich seems easy at first sight because every two minutes they invent a new high-tech product. Although we are mostly able to buy this new promising product, disillusionment will soon arise time after time.
    • Aug 14 2011: Hi Lars

      Thanks for your reply. I agree with you about the expectation gap of what technology has to offer. Many a times it backfires on us. Disillusionment is the right word. However, these days we have the entertainment, the movies, the physical devices, the products /services and the social networks that is supposed to make people get closer and move faster to lead a more comfortable life. Yet the result is stress on humanity. How can we make people losen up?

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