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Creating Positive Atmospheres

I recently experienced a place where I can go weekly that the only thing filled there is positive emotions. Where everyone is excited by something new, where the influences of a hard day work is not affected in here. I want to create groups all over the word where suffering, pain, and sadness can be tossed out and everyone can just simply talk about something positive or happy. I'm not talking about a support group. I'm talking about a place where people can just talk about something they are excited about, whether it be a new hobby, a new movie, a new invention, thought, food, or experience. As long as it keeps it positive. Simply helping people think positive and just be positive and upbeat. A place filled with acceptance and open to just listening and seeing what the other person can be excited about.


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    Aug 18 2011: but we all know that atmosphere is further divided into many levels as per composition of air in them

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