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Creating Positive Atmospheres

I recently experienced a place where I can go weekly that the only thing filled there is positive emotions. Where everyone is excited by something new, where the influences of a hard day work is not affected in here. I want to create groups all over the word where suffering, pain, and sadness can be tossed out and everyone can just simply talk about something positive or happy. I'm not talking about a support group. I'm talking about a place where people can just talk about something they are excited about, whether it be a new hobby, a new movie, a new invention, thought, food, or experience. As long as it keeps it positive. Simply helping people think positive and just be positive and upbeat. A place filled with acceptance and open to just listening and seeing what the other person can be excited about.


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    Aug 14 2011: Sounds good!

    Can you tell more about your experience? What is it about, how many people gather? what do you do?
    • Aug 14 2011: I just work with a group of people who help market for a company. We gather about once a week and about 100+ attend on a weekly basis from all sorts of places. What I experienced is that we get together and talk with one another and all I could hear is people talking about improvement, stories of struggles, but always had victories and achieved something. Talked about new products they've tried or are coming out from the company and just excited about as if they were kids and it was a new toy they were going to get to have to play with. Then we would sit down and listen to speakers from our group talking about how to improve ourselves, always asking, what can you do better and how to do it. So I thought I wanted to take it outside of there as I haven't experienced anything like it personally. We all watch ted talks, read tidbits on average day things such as the side My life is average and chuckle at the smallest of experiences that we've gone through or can relate to, but it was always on the upbeat side or just positive or silly. So the idea is allowing people to copy a way to create a positive atmosphere that allows others to talk about what they are excited about in life, in upcoming movies, in maybe new foods and happy experiences they experienced. It would have to be a good experience or point out something only good about it. Today we learned to point out faults and criticize things and people are taken offense or it becomes a norm for peoples lives. Simple rules applied to where people gather, or families can do at home, or business and companies can let their employees take their time to recharge and gather. They have to be positive about something they are excited about, something they've done to improve in their life whether it be small or large, whether it be they chose a salad over a burger at lunch. Allow people to hear one another and be recognized and able to speak in front of the group just saying one thing they did better or will do better.

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