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democracy - a solution or a problem ??

after looking at the suicidal conditions of the biggest democracies like U.S.A,india, we still think that democracy is the only way out ?

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    Aug 14 2011: I think an open law system (based on principles of deep democracy and citizen participation) with a strong technocratic (science-based approach, with economy, happiness and a strong emphasis on the human condition) component might be a good alternative to current democracies...

    And we need a world government, that concerns itself with global problems and solutions...

    So there are alternatives
    • Aug 15 2011: i seriously agree with the concept of WORLD GOVERNMENT.
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      Aug 16 2011: the concept can really work good.
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    Sep 4 2011: I like the Feynman take on this one. Democracy, like science and unlike religion or dictaturship, is about admitting you DON'T know how things should be. You just try things out and keep an open mind. You doubt.
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    Aug 22 2011: India has become what i would like to describe as demo"crazy" than democracy

    Please this video.. this not so related to the talk though ,the politician or the ruler who thinks himself as a human(rather than god) capable as error and would take initiatives regardless of its resulting failure or successes ?(no god complex) would do great.

    If i would want politicians, as described by Rory Stewart the person who understands the people.

    Democracy created by such person would be great.
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    Aug 22 2011: I can't speak about U.S.A or U.K but about India its not actually democracy its just a capitalist system in the disguise of democracy !Maybe in general democracy is not a problem(maybe). But the supposedly democracy which India is proudly flaunting is a Big PROBLEM !
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    Aug 16 2011: Democracy is a problem.

    The world needs Geniocracy.
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    Aug 15 2011: what would you recommend instead of democracy?
    • Aug 16 2011: well,there's nothing that i can "recommend"..But i believe that everything depends on us,like how we take things.
      i think we need to involve more and more people in running administration of a country,it would be quite good for vast countries like India.
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        Aug 16 2011: as far as administration is concerned for india or u say any country neeed effective and efficient leaders.....its better to have one great leader instead of electing a bunch of fools.....ya bt for best of democracy active participation and an awakening appproach of citizens is must...
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    Aug 14 2011: It's neither alone.
    It's a process, which offers both.
    Depends on the perspective and intension of political leadership which one they will take.
    Like everything else it also need improvement that's for sure.
    • Aug 15 2011: yeah,of course it depends on the perspectives,as the whole world is in-a-way shaking,such thoughts sometimes brew up in my mind.