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Dream Neighborhood . . . do you live in one?

Alex Steffen suggested a dream neighborhood instead of a dream home. I love the concept!

I'm curious to know who lives in a dream neighborhood and what makes it so?

A secondary question would be what is the major drawback and do you see a solution?


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    Aug 18 2011: I live in an amazing neighbourhood, so yes, it could be described as a dream one. We live on the Green belt, National Capital land which will never be built on. Across the street is a path that one can walk or bike on that, on one side twists and turns through a forest and on the other, is built around a small lake. Behind us is a ravine and creek and we're surrounded by white pines. We're about 12 minutes from the Hill and downtown Ottawa. Everyone know everyone. We chip in to help, talk while we rake and garden, know each other's kids and support them in their school projects and charity events. We walk into the neighbourhood stores and they know us by name or at least by face and take the time to ask how we and our kids are.

    Doesn't get much better than that. Safe, clean, green, nourishing, friendly and supportive. A great question as it reminded me just how lucky we are.

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