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Dream Neighborhood . . . do you live in one?

Alex Steffen suggested a dream neighborhood instead of a dream home. I love the concept!

I'm curious to know who lives in a dream neighborhood and what makes it so?

A secondary question would be what is the major drawback and do you see a solution?


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  • Aug 14 2011: Well, if I don't consider that I walk by my neighborhood afraid of the violence, that many people don't care about cleaning it, that my neighborhood doesn't have good basic sanitation, that I don't know my neighbors very much (I know only one, that's my aunt), that many other things, yes I live in a dream neighborhood. The problem is that I consider everything. This is sad.

    Well, the big drawback is violence. Solution? Yes, all the problems have solution. What is needed to solve them is that all the people don't want them to be solved, but all the people solve them!
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      Aug 15 2011: I guess you'd move if you could. And take your aunt with you.
      • Aug 19 2011: Yes, if I had money I would be able to live where you live. :-)

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