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How should media companies use Twitter?

I have just finished writing a research paper on how Flemish media use Twitter, and I concluded from that research and various interviews that only a minority really uses Twitter to manually post updates on their page, even though all Flemish media have a Twitter account. Most media admit they haven't got a clue on how to get the best out of Twitter.

What do you think is the best way for media to use Twitter? Can you give examples of media whose approach you approve of?

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    Aug 15 2011: Hey Leila

    As you say all organisations are on Twitter these days - it could be fair to say that you are behind if you are not. I agree that few really know how to make it work for the organisation. Now, I know Twitter is a great platform to post links to top stories etc, but, I reckon many people miss a fundemental point of social media as a whole. People are there to be social, so companies should also be social and have a voice.

    The platform is a great dynamic for areas such as customer service and research & development as it seems easier and less formal to engage with the organisation via twitter and the like than more traditional methods. This really should be taken advantage of. A communication channel that is generally free and undoubtedly less stuffy and formal? Sounds great. Easier said than done? Yes. Awesome brand-building potential? Mega - yes....just watch what you say

    Great question, thanks.
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    Aug 16 2011: @ Martin,
    Great Answer.

    On your point: People are there to be social, so companies should also be social and have a voice.
    Twitter being a string of consciousness, Media could be excused not to be entirely social even on platforms described as such.

    I think Twitter can be used specifically as a

    1) Differentiated broadcasting channel.
    2) Customer Engagement Tool & Measurement
    3) Information in-bound funnel (select who you follow/list and an appropriate stream of conciousness can help reveal macro elements, ex. trending places, behaviours, social reactions)
    4) Acquisition channel - Twitter and Micro blogging as a Mktg and distribution channel of its own. (halfway between Email and Site)

    Hope this helps.