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What factors do you believe play a role in NOSOCOMIAL INFECTIONS (hospital aquired)??

Free of blaming, assuming or anything lets say is unproductive Let us brainstorm a few ideas on causes of nosocomial infection. Share your wisdom please. Feel free to share your stories as well. . . stories shape our culture and initiate change!!

Take into account problems with

we all know that a person who is on antibiotic treatment or chemotherapy become suseptible but what can we empower a patient to do to stay as immuno-protected as possible--
ie what role does the health of our GUT play in making us suseptible?
what role does hygeine and mobility play in making us suseptible?

We all know people feel like it is a terrible thing to go to the hospital thinking they may come down with something worse than they went in for, we have also heard the horror stories. What sorts of things in the environment could make patients less suseptible, and what is making them more suseptible.

look at things like Jessica Green's talk on microbial diversity in the air

what role does percieved isolation, loss of hope, worthlessness, cause the body to be suseptible

If there is a good response to do so I will update the question with an outline of the responses to save people energy in sorting through all of the responses and will time stamp the last update at the bottom of this page.


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  • Aug 15 2011: Cleanliness - Hand Washing by medical personnel
    Sterility - Equipment used
    • Aug 15 2011: hand-washing:
      yes mechanical hand-washing with soap and water is undervalued by many staff

      sterility: many things play into this.
      how long we use our disposable equipment for a patient
      in the same respect is it more harmful to change the equipment? (lines and tubes being utilized on patients)
      there is a lot of research for things like this and many protocols in place

      I am pretty sure central lines are the HAI (hospital acquired infections) source that they have not found the best way to prevent yet actually. (the lines that go directly into an artery and therefore can cause the most trouble)
    • Aug 15 2011: Parthasarathy, I should have addressed this from a global standpoint, I am sorry for discounting your location.

      what practices in India are used to sterilize?

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