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My thoughts on the current position of America and Americans, and why we need to stop acting like everything is alright.

perhaps it is the face of my aged mind that leads me to such revelations, but the relevance of such truths should be all sightly. and the truths themselves be as clear as the scope of morality inside of you. People are born unto this earth with an unmatched equality; a self sovereignty that no man, woman, or being in any form of entity; physical or ideological can compromise, however powerful in ill-gotten riches or influence they may be. There is no government, corporation, army, or religion, that can take from you what you are naturally bestowed. And although fear and leverage may be enough to silence most as they succumb to a metaphorical prison of material goods; Real free men, those who have the courage to not only speak the truth against oppression, but to act out in resistance to it, will never be bound and shackled by the twisted words of false law that spew from the mouths of those evil enough to place their own selfish agenda before the greater good.

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      Aug 13 2011: Beautiful !!!!
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      Sep 6 2011: love it
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      Sep 13 2011: Is it the poem road less traveled? I don't remember in which grade but I did once memorize the poem..
  • Sep 1 2011: I quite agree that self-interest in politics has lead to curruption of the politicians (most anyway) The most important thing to almost every sitting politician in the USA is RE-ELECTION. Perhaps establishing a system where EVERY politician only gets one term would select for people that wanted to help, while selecting out those who want to spend a career enjoying the perks of office.

    The way I see things, The Rupublican party is hell-bent on bringing an end to social programs built up by the Democrats since the days of FDR. Their strategy has been to spend the treasure of the USA for many years to come, so that the government will simply not be able to afford these programs any more. If the extra spending of the Regan and Bush years was to be subtracted from the national debt, it would be about 30% of its current total.

    The republicans don't mind corporate welfare and god help anyone that tries to redirect more than a few percent of the military budget to things the country actually needs.

    Americans have been taught to be afraid, it serves their masters well, as it ensures they spend 10 times as much on defense as their nearest rival, despite the difficulties associated with invading them. Americans have been taught that it is OK that about 1 in 100 of them are currently in jail. Jail is an excellent source of slave labor, which affords American corporations the opportunity to manufacture product domestically at a cost that is competitive with China. (Without the shipping costs)

    Contrary to its national anthem, America is becoming "the land of the imprisoned and the home of the gutless."