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What is the future of technology?

Recent advancements in science have prompted many to question what the future of technology is. With substance likes graphene that could potentially provide flexible and efficient screens, to recent advancements in bio-technology, are we heading towards a world where our bodies are intertwined with the technology we use? Will we be manipulating our bodies with circuitry, turning ourselves into bionic beings?

Is there an ethical issue behind implanting ourselves with technology? Where do we draw the line?

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    Aug 13 2011: the future of technolohy is that it is full of new and advancing technologies..
  • Aug 13 2011: In the field of bio-technology, we will be able to grow different body parts of the human just like spare parts of a machine.
    Graphene will revolutionize the field of electronics, wich in turn will revolutionize our way of living.
    There are always issues between science and ethics. They will go till the end.
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    Sep 12 2011: Isn't it an age old dream of humanity to go to space?
    Are we not destined to populate space and to go to different worlds?

    Implanting one self with "devices" is the most stupid thing and has nothing to do with technology.
    If one combines with a machine one becomes a machine.
    We are Human and we must always be.

    We can and have already achieved theoretical infinite speed which super-seeds Light speed.

    Einstein was a fraud and a Liar and nothing he ever produced is relative, and all his theories are stolen and irrelevant.

    Where do we draw the line?

    Recently I read that in China and the USA they make Gelatine out of Human DNA.

    That means that your Children when they eat HARIBO or other sweets they actually eat Human flesh made sweet.

    I guess that's where I draw the Line.

    Anyone who does that and or allows this to happen by any means should be put to the wall and shot dead.

    I guess that's where I draw the Line.

    We are Humans, not cannibals!

    D.W. Major
    Zero Emission Transportation Ltd
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    Sep 10 2011: Its a good question. One similar would be "AI" A fate like the matrix where the technology itself becomes smarter than its creators and destroy us out of pure logic. There is always a risk in the field of science and as we advance our understanding and imagination of the universe The risks will only get more strange and dangerous. The one truth is everything will eventually come to an end. Its how we make use of our time that matters. The universe itself is a living breathing organism and every last part of itself is trying to understand itself and its purpose. We are not only a part of the universe. We are the universe itself.
  • Aug 23 2011: No more television.
    • Sep 5 2011: And no more jobs and unger, I hope. Are you familiar with the Zeitgeist movement?
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    Aug 22 2011: There is no future to technology.... since any technology present today is old tomorrow. Technology is something that can only satisfy the current needs. We cannot expect any fututre. If humans want bionic-upgraded replacements then there will be progress in that specified technolgy but if they want only normal replacements then there will be only reconstruction of damaged parts without further modification. Hence I believe that only human requirement determines the technology flow. Technology is best only in present nothing more.
  • Aug 17 2011: Currently, I don't believe that many humans would like the idea of implanting themselves with technology. But as for medical purposes: technology is already going there. Scientists are working on allowing quadreplegics to walk and move, allowing the blind to see, etc. Eventually, people may use technology for pure enjoyment and strengthening: extra memory and brain computing abilities, more physical strength and endurance. When that comes around, eventually all humans will do it, and we'll become a bionic race. Who knows?
    Humans have always liked that which is 'mystical'. We will always strive to do what was previously seen as impossible, from colonizing another planet to making the 'invisibility cloak' and 'lightsabers' to even using our minds (paired with technology) to telekenetically move items around our homes are in the world.
    The vast majority of improvements these days are in the fields of technology, and using it to improve itself along with other sciences and fields. Technology is the biggest mover-and-shaker.
    You might even say that the future is technology.
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    Aug 14 2011: The future of technology is everything we want it to be.