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a global personal income limit and flat tax rate.

I don't understand how anyone could need more than $1000000 per year to live comfortably. With all the current problems in the world today that need money to solve, that anyone should live in the extravagant lap of luxury when others are starving or lack the basic neccessities to live I find criminally negligent and morally corrupt.

We should have a global treasury for collecting and distributing wealth, starting with a personal income limit and a flat tax with no deductions on all personal and corporate income.


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  • Aug 13 2011: Just because you do not understand why a person desires something does not mean it should be limited.

    Maybe those people with millions or billions of dollars want to start relief funds for starving people or to educate children. Look at all the charity done by the rich. (ex. bill gates and melinda foundation)

    Maybe you should be more concerned with your own income.
    • Aug 14 2011: If the majority of people with millions or billions donated significantly to charity , or did some good for mankind other than the token amount to qualify for tax deductions we would have a much better world. Sadly this is not the case, the majority spend there wealth on obscene luxury.

      There is a serious problem with mankind when wealth gives some kind of entitlement rather than a responsiblity to other people. It is time for the class structure of society to end, we all have a responsiblity to our fellow man. I fully understand greed, hatred, bigotry and abuse that doesn't mean I have to condone any of them..

      I earn a decent income, thank you very much, I own a horse and dog rescue in Duncan BC, and help the less fortunate more than I can. Its too bad others can't exhibit comapssion, generosity and kindness rather than self indulgence.
      • Aug 14 2011: To be blunt Paul, I was tempted to give Bob a bit of an e-slap for the "Maybe the billionaires want to start relief funds..." crap. I can't tolerate pathetically weak arguments like that.

        Maybe all the poor people aren't really poor and they're just hiding their wealth. Maybe those abused women aren't really abused and they actually enjoy getting punched in the face. Maybe the holocaust didn't really happen and it's just the most epic game of hide and seek in history.

        We can provide alternatives for anything. It neither makes it likely, nor worth considering. Data shows us that it is NOT the case that moast extremely wealthy people give away most of their income. For every Bill Gates, there are 100 Kenneth Lay's.

        I appreciate that your heart is in the right place Paul, but like I said below, that specific idea is toxic. We don't achieve progress by setting limits, we do it by ensuring that everyone pays their fair share towards the greater good by simplifying tax codes, removing things like tiered income taxes that penalize people for getting ahead and replace them with consumption oriented taxation that reflects peoples lifestyles.

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