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a global personal income limit and flat tax rate.

I don't understand how anyone could need more than $1000000 per year to live comfortably. With all the current problems in the world today that need money to solve, that anyone should live in the extravagant lap of luxury when others are starving or lack the basic neccessities to live I find criminally negligent and morally corrupt.

We should have a global treasury for collecting and distributing wealth, starting with a personal income limit and a flat tax with no deductions on all personal and corporate income.


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  • Aug 13 2011: Not possible for humans. It is in our genes to be greedy. If the people in charge of the money were saints and perfect, then the system would work. Unluckily they doesn't exist. what about the people receiving the money. What stops them from simply doing nothing? Gambling, smoking e.t.c Do rich people have to pay for these? I am not happy that the gap between rich and poor is getting bigger. I am not happy that the rich use their money and influence to get richer. But telling them that their ideas and innovation, that their effort, sweat and tears will all be for other people who don't work as hard is too much to swallow. A flat tax punishes those who work hard and those who don't. An inheritance tax would make more sense. When they die, their wealth would be distributed leaving a small percent for their children. At least this way you do not punish for success.
    • Aug 13 2011: Two questions Jaeyun

      What are you defining as success, just wealth accumulation?

      Has there really been any work or innovations by the wealthy that has helped society as a whole?

      I am not suggesting that anyone be given money, the money would be used for food production and distribution and medical research and treatment. and education.

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