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Natural Childbirth, yes or no?

What do people think about natural childbirth today? I think it's interesting how we started out this way many years ago then it soon became taboo. Please tell me your thoughts and theories on the subject.

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    Aug 13 2011: if there's not a medical concern, a situation where it's absolutely needed, or the person in labour isn't comfortable with it, i don't see why natural childbirth would be a no. a friend of mine had a caesarean section because she would have died during natural childbirth. then again, i'm not going to criticize anybody for how they choose to birth their child. a long time ago, the option to have a c-section didn't even exist. it's neither yes or no, it depends on the situation.

    actually, since when did it become taboo? maybe i just haven't picked up on this issue.
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    Aug 13 2011: Well hmmm maybe it depends on where you live and who you are around. It's just everyone that I've known has always almost dropped dead when I said I was going to do natural childbirth.

    I agree with what you stated. Thank you for your insight.