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to what extent social networking is helping someone to express himself or create a glamour avatar of themselves?

Social networking has become part of ones own social life and marking an effort a person to express himself. A platform if being created for anyone to create their own profile avatar who might not directly resemble their real life. In order to gain more fame to look great (this can be seen by the way people would post their status messages or profile pictures). the real Essene of a profile is to make oneself express about it very truly and sincerely. Today's world is being made so commercial and false people presence. Is there any solution for this current scenario which could make someone to be true of oneself or create a original impression one own mind...?

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    Aug 14 2011: The bigger issue at hand is whether or not these social networks truly extend ones self in a proper form or is it just an excuse to start a new generation of societal sheep who are unaware of the lack of privacy factors in which one puts him/herself in.