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What is your definition of success?

There can be a multitude of responses to this question. You can come from a personal perspective, or as part of the collective. What is the underlying value/concept of your idea of success?

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    Aug 12 2011: To be able to smile when I put my head to my pillow...
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    Aug 17 2011: Success is that old ABC-------Ability , Breaks ,Courage...

    Success means to never give up,and never to talk defeat
    It means to work towards goal with full enthusiasm and always be motivated by burning our spirit on the fire of enthusiasm.

    It aims at learning from every expierence,every heartbreak and every defeat....Keep on improving on the next performance and finally achieving the goal by utilising all experience and opportunity.
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    • Aug 17 2011: Never feel trapped by other circumstances (financial, culture, upbringing, career choice, education)

      Thanks for that Eric!
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      Aug 19 2011: Several comments in this thread have been removed for being off-topic. Please keep your comments and replies related to the definition of success.

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    Aug 13 2011: To not be fearful.
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    Aug 12 2011: I believe “success” can be a very dangerous thing in a vacuum…You see, success is in the eye of the beholder, whereas significance is a view of you that is held by others. Complicating matters further, I believe few successful people actually make the transition to significance, but every person of significance is successful.

    Just take a look around and you’ll see that most people use their knowledge, resources, and experience to acquire things in an attempt to satisfy their personal desires, which in their minds constitutes success. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it leaves great potential on the table when you contrast this with the people that use their knowledge, resources, and experience to serve and benefit others, which by my standards constitutes significance. Just as success must be defined before it can be achieved, so must significance. While both require sacrifice, success comes at a great price and is often based upon the compromise of values. Significance on the other hand is driven by personal values and is a gift that cannot be purchased.
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    Aug 15 2011: Fulfilling dreams whenever you can and just do what makes you happy!
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    Aug 12 2011: Become a happy,capable, knowledgeable citizen. That is my definition of success, and what i am pursuing .
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    Sep 4 2011: Success is passing something on.
  • Aug 24 2011: financial security, a carer that you love, supportive family and friends, the ability to do and have whatever you want and need.
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    Aug 18 2011: Success is a state function....When u achieve it every one will just aprreciate u for your achievement and Who cares about how u achieved success.
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    Aug 12 2011: Success is a word, along with 'victory' and 'aggressive', that I would deserve a swift kick in the ass for misspelling, should that ever happen. Sorry. Cheerleader humour.

    But seriously, there are as many definitions as there are people and visions. Or maybe fewer since so many people seem to pursue other people's definitions of success.

    What would I like it to mean? Making the world just a little bit better.
  • Aug 12 2011: Jusat a door to enter into a new world with new goals to achieve.
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    Aug 12 2011: Healthy, happy kids, someone to love and work that is truly meaningful to me are my definitions of success.
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    Aug 12 2011: It's when you've got everything that you've always wanted. Whatever it is. It's a success :)
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    Aug 12 2011: I think the 8 principles espoused by Richard St. John says it all. Wish I'd had them pounded into my head when I was younger.