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When is a "riot" a good riot and when is it a bad riot?

There have been "riots" in many places in the last couple years: Iran, Egypt, Syria, and most recently Britain. So when is a riot a" good" one? What characterizes a "bad" one?


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    Aug 13 2011: British PM Cameron invited ex-LAPD Chief Bratton to consult with them on how to suppress "gangs". Unfortunately Bratton is likely to recommend some things Cameron and Scotland Yard don't want to hear. Bratton is quoted as saying:"...he said that 'the issue of why kids join gangs is pretty universal: They want to belong to something. They feel disenfranchised; many come from broken homes without parents in any sense of the word.'" (http://lat.ms/qZGwS4)

    Uh-oh! You mean the police might have to listen to these kids and maybe support solving some community problems? That doesn't sound like Cameron who just says they're all criminals. Cameron has also declared that multi-culturalism in Britain has failed. That's not a good way to start a conversation. I think Cameron only wants to learn how to put the boot-heel down on the necks of rioters and thinks we know how to do that better in America than they do in Britain.

    In the US we do have 2,000,000 people in prison. That's one way to thin the herd. For minorities its known as cradle-to-jail life.

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