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What has happened to you when you've followed your bliss?

Joseph Campbell urged us to "follow your bliss". Did you?

What happened when you did follow your bliss?

I'm interested in the "real" answers that can be either positive or negative effects of following your bliss.

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    Feb 21 2011: The depth and breadth of my fulfillment went up dramatically when I followed by bliss, but my bank account went down.

    That was not a sustainable situation.

    Then my bliss challenge became building a sustainable system for bliss following. :)
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      Feb 21 2011: Thanks for your response, Steve. I have found the same in my own "bliss" experiment.

      I wonder how common an occurrence this is, as well as the possibility of changing the "default" outcome, such that the more we followed our bliss, the better our bank accounts appear.

      But we can also say that this is not too aberrant a causal relationship: we have invested many years of our lives in our pursuit of success, and if we were to look at the time line of manifesting "financial outcomes" when we followed our bliss, that time investment may be equal or less in duration than our other choices.
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        Feb 22 2011: I found that when I started following my bliss, instead of seeking "success" in the form of money, power, fame, that I found myself in search of a new tribe and new life techniques. It felt like a quest. Leaving the familiar to seek the promised land on the other side of the dessert.

        I'm not sure that is the "default" path, but I expect it is very common.

        Looking back, I'd do it exactly the same way. I wouldn't know how else to get to here from there. :)
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    Feb 22 2011: I have been following my bliss for decades now....Joseph Campbell reached me at an impressionable age!

    Life is great to orgasmic. Always loving the total embrace of new challenges. New relationships. New learning. New experiences. New ways of perceiving the heart of reality.

    Money is a world or universe unto itself. Mastering the art of exchanging values is a hilarious part of any dance. Money for money's sake is as silly as art for art's sake....like i live for that really dirty green piece of 'government' issued boring paper????....to i live for creating some art in order to create 'whatever'..... ????

    Following MY BLISS has always been centered on the art of sex for me....that one to one, in and out in and out in and out mastering of the movement of integral energies of combined multiple intelligent geniusness in play with ONE OTHER....breathing ...the heartbeat...seeing...feeling....touching....all those miraculous wondrous opportunities to experience 'sex' with all aspects of life...and dance in the blissful hilarious ecstasy of creation as a co-creator..... following the bliss, co-creating the bliss, being the bliss....life is a dance around and around and around the big O .....