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How to build a Utopian society!

Use this space to explore, discover and share ideas about your idealized society and how it must look and function.

Of course determining a society in 2000 words is going to be very difficult, but if we can make this an additive process where everyone contributes one possible revolutionary idea, then maybe by the end of it all we have ourselves a true utopia entirely constructed by the TED community.

i think I'm being very hopeful, but lets see what goes on in our heads.


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    Aug 16 2011: 1st Step :

    Have a central bank creating wealth (money) for each Humanitarian action (non profitable) that improve the quality of life and increase happiness.

    Gradually improving the global situation.
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      Aug 19 2011: or just eliminate central banking so people have the incentive/freedom to create there own wealth.
      • Aug 19 2011: that is quite radical. how would it work? who would determine an individual's created wealth.
        i like your stance, but i have no idea on how to promote such incentive.
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          Aug 20 2011: Well I might have been a bit hasty. Some sort of centralized currency may be beneficial in a globalized word. That said it is acting much light an invasive species in that its disrupting the economic ecosystem. Many not all needs can be met on a local level. Does it make any sense that my clothes are more traveled than I am. Does most of my food really have to come from thousands of miles away. Is there no one living closer to Milwaukie that is capable of brewing a beer. If we established strong local economies based on proving real word goods and services to people who lived in the communities there no reason not to have a local currencies where people could haggle their worth. That would free up central banks for airline tickets, phone bills and other goods and services that cannot be met on a local level.
    • Aug 19 2011: do you mean that individuals benefit from each Humanitarian action/ contribution?
      what would be the criteria?

      may large companies/ organizations spend money for such purposes to evade tax.
      its a good scheme, better than funneling that money into a corrupt government system.

      not that all government systems are corrupt.

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