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Anger fuels productivity; Anger compels people; Anger turns passivity to purposeful action. Do these statements hold any validity?

i see people compelled by anger.

it works!

I want to understand what anger is,
can we transform anger to make living energetic.

I would like to see tranquillity become an integral part of anger


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    • Aug 14 2011: "some here are suggesting to you that there are higher levels of understanding to be accessed."

      definitely, i never suggested that anger be the prevalent compulsion.

      there are many other emotions/ states that sustain one's "integrity" to a better extent.

      when i look at Hawkins log scale, i feel like there is a certain truth to it.

      i have seen/ interacted with people who would spend most of their time being shameful, or fearful, some angry, most of them don't function very well amongst a group. many move around with a sense of pride. Courage of course is more of a rarity, it needs the instance to emerge. but then again, i am only referring to courage the way i have come to understand it.

      the people who situate themselves at the higher end of the scale tend to do better for themselves and others.
      you and i might have seen that, we believe this scale holds a certain truth.

      but think about Neutrality (250 on the scale), it is a great quality if understood correctly. the most occurrences of passivity are misunderstood for "Neutrality". maybe passivity has a little something to do with neutrality. i see passivity below desire (125).

      for the purpose of an example; Jason Hinchliffe was fueled by anger and that led him to restrain a violent man in order to help a young girl. his action would calibrate at; 150 (Anger). anger compelled him, but you might wish to see it as Courage (200).

      another passerby (who might have read DR. D. R. Hawkins books) would witness a girl getting beaten on the streets and they would calibrate themselves at 350 (Acceptance).

      i find this difficult to understand.

      to understand emotional states we have to understand how they play out among different individuals. the way we look at emotional states and the way they play out really varies. it is not static. Enlightenment can be 1000, it can also be a hundred.
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        • Aug 20 2011: interesting.
          new references, ideas.

          thank you for sharing.
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          Aug 22 2011: Dear Ed,
          I'm curious to know if you've changed your perception regarding this topic?

          In a comment Aug. 13, 2011, you state:..."Anger is the acting out of the ego". It seemed that your argument indicated that anger was ONLY connected with the ego? I don't agree with that. I believe the ranting, raving, violent, abusive, destructive manifestations of anger are usually fueled by the ego, and there are different ways to use anger.

          I agree with your statement above....which indicates that the power available, comes from full integration of who we are...achieved by fully embracing both the good and bad, strong, weak, masculine, feminine...all polarities within us. I believe that if we know all parts of our "self", they can be working together harmoniously.

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