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Genuine Smile, Fake Smile but what about one associated with Pain?

Decided to re-post my comment as I would love others insight in regards to my question.

This video left me thinking; if we take out the real smile and the fake smile i am often amazed at myself (as a person who smiles endlessly) the sad smile. How is it that even through the most painful of times I as well as others are still capable of smiling, they maybe smaller in size from an actual happy smile yet still the only answer in that i can verify from my end is even with a sad smile i seem to connect the emotional vulnerability of realizing that even through the pain i could feel emotionally and physically a smile is there to comfort me, a selfish act that allows me to continue? Hard to articulate yet anyone else get my train of thought?


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  • Aug 13 2011: Happy thoughts, happy talks, happy faces, happy smiles - see all around
    What is this feeling that reminds just to not be happy
    Haven't said nothing to no one
    Haven't said "the word" yet to the one
    Haven't yet said I do to anyone
    Kept smiling with happy faces
    Kept talking with happy words
    What is this feeling that just embraces not to be happy

    Teared eyes with smile on the face
    Heavy heart for painful moments
    A smile is there expressing happy tears

    As if it's a musk - not getting loosen up
    Afraid to loose it up -
    Afraid to show, show the face that's behind
    that's not the same I usually have.

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