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Genuine Smile, Fake Smile but what about one associated with Pain?

Decided to re-post my comment as I would love others insight in regards to my question.

This video left me thinking; if we take out the real smile and the fake smile i am often amazed at myself (as a person who smiles endlessly) the sad smile. How is it that even through the most painful of times I as well as others are still capable of smiling, they maybe smaller in size from an actual happy smile yet still the only answer in that i can verify from my end is even with a sad smile i seem to connect the emotional vulnerability of realizing that even through the pain i could feel emotionally and physically a smile is there to comfort me, a selfish act that allows me to continue? Hard to articulate yet anyone else get my train of thought?


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    Aug 13 2011: Don't know about your smile as I see in the photo here.
    My almost all smiles in my Saudi time were either fake or with pain that I can say now with a happy :)
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      Aug 14 2011: My Smile or Happiness is not dependant on my location. Ive grown up in Saudi and have spent my other half outside of Saudi. Sure it is easier to be carefree and happy go lucky outside of the Kingdom because of the availability of extra activities. But I have had and still have and look forward to amazing memories here, my closest friends I have grown up with here make me smile day in day out. I think it is more about who you surrouned yourself with rather than where you are and this is showing to be ever so true even with my new friends and acquintences.
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        Aug 14 2011: That's good you are enjoying being adaptive may be as you born there.

        Not really , I am not talking about being carefree or availability of extra activity to be happy in any location.

        Smile has got great power that's for sure , the proof is my fake smile & smile of pain in Saudi in situation of extreme discrimination & humilation, at least it did not run in to further extreme :)
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          Aug 15 2011: Alhamdullah it didnt go further, but I completely understand wher eyou are coming from some people here just discriminate based on so many levels because of their mentality. I apologize on there behalf but such people are present in any country. And No I was not born here nor was my early toddler years here :)
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        Aug 15 2011: My fake smile or smile of pain was good for me as well, otherwise I could be just dead or in jail, because further extreme defintely would ignite me to explode....................

        Well because of my job I travelled a bit and had to live in different countries also other than Saudi, I didn't see such rampant discrimination anywhere believe me. Moreover discrimination and humiliation depending on colour, country of origin is institutionalised in that HOLY place.

        Actually my father also uttered "Alhamdulillah" when he heard my next location going to be Saudi , I never broke his belief & heart by telling what the reality is.....

        Going back to topic actually I believe the saying "laughter is the best medicine"
        Nothing to be sorry from your part Amani. Thanks & have a good day :)

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