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Learning form Life. Learning from the World Wide Web. I call it Easy knowledge !

We populate the web like bugs drawn to a streetlamp.We don’t "truly" learn anymore, but rather we console ourselves with the idea that information is just a click away

what are your thoughts?

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    Aug 11 2011: there should be two categories of learning, one way is just to get the knowledge, the other is to digest the knowledge and learn how to apply it. in other words, learning superficially and deeply.
    By saying that, Internet do help surfers to gain a lot of free information, they are educated in a surface manner, however we can not possibly say that it do not help people to think.

    TED inspires people to think, for instance.
    It depends on the way of of information expressed, right?
    • Aug 11 2011: i don't think i am questioning the integrity of online content.

      yes, definitely the internet is a fabulous way to acquire information.

      i might have mislead you with my statement that we don't learn anymore.

      but rather what i wish to convey is that our reliance on quick information makes us develop "passive intelligence".

      what i mean by that is if we for example faced starvation, then we are fully aware of its implications by the degree of its direct impact on us. but on the other hand if we read about how millions are inadequately fed and malnourished, well those are all just words (and pictures), we try to empathize, shed a tear maybe, but still just words.

      some travel, try to help, that might work, to some degree, but these things are so alien to us.

      we call ourselves intelligent and aware. our intelligence come form our complete ignorance to the things around us. it is entirely fabricated by our compulsion to know more so we can call ourselves intelligent beings.