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How can we stop organisational structures hindering economic creativitiy? Practical anarchy as the next phase in economic development.

True practical business anarchy - no throwing rocks at cops - but having the freedom and responsibility for making real commericail decisons must offer one of the most promising routes for future economic development. Our most innovative and often most profitable sectors are driven by highly empowered obsessives who take existing rules as a starting point rather than a set of limitations. Real business leaders create their own paths every day so how do we unleash this power to a mass global workforce.

  • Aug 11 2011: Re-structure organization chart flat style.

    Ideas are not behind the desks of CEO, COO, or Senior Manager, it is with field staff or anyone has interaction with consumer/beneficiary.
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      Aug 12 2011: Exactly, so how dp we structure, or de-structure organisations to allow this to happen? Is it just a case of continuing to fire mid level managers? They often posses a lot of the true knowdlge with an organisation.