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Who would like to help me bring TED to MIAMI BEACH?

i want to help host a miami beach TED. i think theres alot of great thinkers in miami beach. please contact me if you would like to get involved

  • Aug 15 2011: You could also contact the Fontainblue Hotel to see what ideas they come up with. The people attending the TED have to stay somewhere and the Fountainblue is a great place. Again, good publicity for them. SHould they not be interested, talk to other large hotels in the vicinity. What is Miami Beach know for except for beach, sun and good looking women?
    Drugs? Miami Vice TV series? Scarface? Real Estate? Scandals in the County commission? Wealthy South Americans investing or parking their money? Commerce with South America? Boating? What do people come to Miami Beach for? I With all due respect - somehow I do not think that "great thinking" is on the top of the list of priorities in Miami Beach....Miami is not primarily an academic city. For that I would look to Boston. But, that really does not matter, it is a great place to visit and have conferences! Definitely!
    An issue I might focus on would be maybe theater, music, ART? The Art Basel attracts and international audience. Talk to the organizers of Art Basel to see how they set it up and see if you can "tag on" to them, such as doing the TED a few days later....
    The boat show is big, and attract and international audience that might be interested (or maybe not) in TED.
    Contact University of Miami anyway, they are the brain power in Miami.
    Consider asking for finacial help / funding from one of the benefactors in Miami, such as those that sponsored the symphony and Opera house, large real estate investors etc
  • Aug 15 2011: Check with the Chamber of Commerce of Miami Beach and also with the chmber of commerce of Miami, should they be different.
    Check with the 2 or 3 largest conrporations in Miami Beach, one of them being Mount Sinai Medical Center, talk to the CEO there. Tell him it hosting a TED or TEDx would be great publicity for his hospital!