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We are planning to show 2 TED videos in TEDxNajd, what do you suggest?

TEDxNajd theme is Great Ideas = Great Society!

the speakers will speak about their ideas and how to implement these ideas to benefit the society.

we are planning to show 2 TED Videos, which videos that relate to the theme do you suggest?

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    Feb 27 2011: I would actually go on a slightly different note. While talks like Ken Robinson and Hans Rosling are amazing, they're true TED superstars - and would probably be better to put on a website (even if not, people will probably find them online after the TEDx event is done).

    My first suggestion would be to show "Ethan Zuckerman - Listening to Global Voices" -
    My connection to the theme is "more understanding+aware society = better society"

    Another suggestion is for you to show a video by Jacqueline Novogratz where she talks about the concept of Patient Capital. I would suggest "A third way to think about aid" or "Patient Capitalism". I haven't watched all the videos of her on the site, but from what I can tell any one of them will do - since they talk about the same concept, and her organzation. This one is bang on topic.
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    Feb 23 2011: I'd recommend two talks.

    Kiran Bedi: A police chief with a difference
    Mechai Viravaidya: How Mr. Condom made Thailand a better place

    They've changed their society with brilliant ideas. Those are going to be good talks to inspire people who want to change their own society.
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    Feb 21 2011: Can't you just play all the TED Talks twice

    Sir Ken Robinson either talk
    Simon Sinek on WHY
    and LXD
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    Feb 21 2011: Can you just show all the TED Talks twice?

    Sir Ken either one of his amazing talks.
    Simon Sinek on WHY
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    Feb 21 2011: As Sabin said, there're lot of TEDTalks full of great ideas aiming to foster great societies.
    I don't know if you already have in mind a connecting thread among the different sessions.

    In general terms I'd pick up one of these:

    * Ken Robinson on Education
    * Hans Rosling's stats show
    * Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from

    And another one from these (with local flavor):

    * Shereen El Feki: Pop culture in the Arab world
    * Naif Al-Mutawa: Superheroes inspired by Islam
    * Michael Pawlyn: Using nature's genius in architecture (biomimicry and a mention to Sahara Forest Project)
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    Feb 21 2011: Very difficult question here, as each TED talk is about an idea worth spreading, of course then ideas that all somehow benefit society.
    Perhaps you could be a bit more specific?

    If it's still just ideas in general show one talk by Hans Rosling and change some mindsets with datasets. ;)