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Beyond race, creed, color, nationality and personal narratives there is a universal humanity. Where is this? How do you go there?

The Martin Luther King speech which introduced into the zeitgeist the vision of children from different backgrounds and ethnicities all walking together holding hands on their way to school. This is a mental construct that I can create. In holding this image something in me is able to clarify and remind me of my place, of the framing that mentally makes available the mind of non-judgement.


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    Aug 10 2011: Humanity is universal, but so is diversity. The issue is not whether we recognize diversity, but rather how it is dealt with…Cultural differences and realities are normal and healthy - diversity mandates are not. When we are focused on service more than self, matters of diversity become less of an issue. The diversity argument is divisive and only serves to enable dependence on rationalizations and justifications more than contribution. Don’t attempt to make a case for anything by playing the diversity card, play the I’m qualified card. Compete on your merits not why your lack thereof should be overlooked. If we stop identifying ourselves based on diversity segment, and identify ourselves by accomplishments and character the world will be a better place.
    • Aug 14 2011: Mike thanks for commenting, Your comment reminds me of an ancient egyptian drawing where everyone is busy but also smiling, working in the fields, the kitchens and in the courtyard. everyone is working for the greater whole. but I agree about diversity mandates. I am in favor of distributing the opportunity for education to everyone but not mandating it on institutions. However, those who promote and provide education to those in greatest need are serving the greatest good. To bring the underprivilidged and down troddden into their own resourcefulness will always present challenges that communitites can address better than institutions.

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