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Beyond race, creed, color, nationality and personal narratives there is a universal humanity. Where is this? How do you go there?

The Martin Luther King speech which introduced into the zeitgeist the vision of children from different backgrounds and ethnicities all walking together holding hands on their way to school. This is a mental construct that I can create. In holding this image something in me is able to clarify and remind me of my place, of the framing that mentally makes available the mind of non-judgement.


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    Aug 11 2011: (1) translate and contribute the power of our beliefs and convictions into the simple universal language of our mutual interests and wield it as a driving force to transform our world and (2) we energize our hearts, we energize each other, we energize our hearts and minds and help transform our world (TED.com, NGOs, UN, international forums, etc.)

    This is the challenge to leave our mark and our legacy in this troubled world. We take stock of our current power and influence and see what part of our solutions we can push and together we shall transform our world and leave a lasting and happy legacy for our children. http://bit.ly/SolutionStrategies
    • Aug 14 2011: Great words. Joe thanks for responding, could you reply to this question, what do you see mentally when you think internally on the concept of mutual interests.

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