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Beyond race, creed, color, nationality and personal narratives there is a universal humanity. Where is this? How do you go there?

The Martin Luther King speech which introduced into the zeitgeist the vision of children from different backgrounds and ethnicities all walking together holding hands on their way to school. This is a mental construct that I can create. In holding this image something in me is able to clarify and remind me of my place, of the framing that mentally makes available the mind of non-judgement.


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    Aug 11 2011: Interesting question. I guess mine is related to reading. Of course there should be guidelines to choose among books. But reading caused ( still causes) my own personal enlightenment.I beleive that if we learn to think wih empathy then it is easier for us to build our own humanity values.
    • Aug 14 2011: Erol, thanks for responding. As a researcher of social cues, how do you cues yourself when you think of empathy. Do you go to memories of times when you saw the effectiveness of empathy, what is the clearest image you have read or experienced that brings about this state.

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