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What will you do to make peace on September 21?

A conversation in which to discuss Jeremy Gilley's "TED wish" from his TEDGlobal 2011 talk on one day of peace.

Please mind - whereas the talk's discussion thread is best suited to discuss the talk itself, this conversation is especially meant for you to express your own ideas on how you could act as a change agent by promoting peace for at least one day.

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    Sep 4 2011: My students are going to skype with students from another country so that we can gain more multicultural awareness.
  • Sep 3 2011: I have set up an event at my school where 650 children will be enjoying a "Picnic for Peace" and would appreciate ideas for a short video I can show to grades K-5 to explain the day and the Power each of us have to make a difference in the world.....
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      Sep 3 2011: Paula,
      The "Picnic for Peace" sounds like a great idea.
      Are you familier with the TED talk "John Hunter on the World Peace Game"? May give you some ideas?
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      Sep 9 2011: Go for the Freedom Picnic !
      My recommendation: Motivate each kid you know and invited to bring another kid to the PICNIC whom he / she does not know yet. The lesson is easy: peace starts where you keep respecting eachother even though you do not understand anything or even do not like what you hear. peace is an inner challenge - and I love your idea to practice this with kids in such a nice way !
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      Sep 9 2011: Fantastic.
      The best way to change things for the better is to start with the children.
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    Aug 11 2011: Thanks Sabin,

    Firstly I put this video up on 2 Wikipedia pages: Jeremy Gilley and Peace One Day.
    I placed this video and 2 others about Peace One Day on Facebook with a personal comment of support.

    I think before I make my list for the 21st I want to spread the idea-
    I have an idea our aggregated effort to communicate the simple effect of this day will save lives.
    Maybe if this idea, and it's results, spread a tipping point could result.
    In one month or a hundred years.
    What if it has already become inevitable.
    Just because we all have made a decision to support the idea without knowing how?

    A pause can change everything.
    I don't know what I will do next,
    But I can pause

    When mental activity pauses
    Fear and aggression can be washed away...

    A new idea can float in
    That seems wiser as it is examined...
    or crazy, but in some unfathomable way
    the next thing to do

    So I will wait a bit-
    Then I'll act

    Maybe my actions will give me a list for 21 September 2011
    or maybe I'll find ways to celebrate
    the change that this idea is making

    maybe every hour

    Happy interim.
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    Aug 12 2011: I was thinking that I'll make status updates and Tweets about it three days in a row before and on the actual day... Furthermore, until then I'll write a lot of letters, I've already written to the Swedish Secretary of Defense! ^^
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      Aug 16 2011: excellent and simple thanks

      tweets adn reminders to everyone on our lists and groups. reminders.
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    Aug 11 2011: I think making peace with the Earth will do. Getting ahead on my garden, using no electricity for a day, and researching ways to save the fishies in the sea ^^
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    Aug 10 2011: Maybe I as a Canadian should kiss an American given my often expressed TED opinions! As I do not live far from the border it should be doable!
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      Aug 12 2011: Thought you might like my classroom flag. Oh, and I always feel like Canadians are trying to kiss anyway since about 85 percent live within 12 miles of the US.
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        Aug 12 2011: I guess you might call us kissing cousins, then. I love that flag!
  • Aug 29 2011: I do my best to make peace every day by promoting the understanding of others views and the acceptance that everyone has been through a different life and so thinks uniquely.

    One person at a time, one day at a time.
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    Aug 28 2011: I will I do every day.
    On 9/11, I was helping to care for a friend who was dying of cancer. When she became bedridden, friends and family signed up for shifts to be with her 24/7, with the help of hospice caregivers. She asked me if I could be with her when she passed on, and I said I would try my best to do that. I went in for my "shift" at 9:00pm on Sept. 10, and she passed on at 2:00am Sept. 11.

    As I was sitting on the front porch on a beautiful morning, pondering my friends peaceful death, with friends and family beside her constantly, another friend stopped to tell me what was happening in NY. The painful deaths and destruction that followed, immediately pulled me in another direction with my thoughts and feelings in pondering death, and demonstrated the two polarities of death that many people in our world experience.

    I try to act as a "change agent" in every single moment I am alive on this earth school, by being mindful of how I live life, which is precious. Promoting peace in ourselves, is the first place to start. We cannot give to others, something that we do not have in ourselves.
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    Aug 26 2011: I will write and share a simple poem (below- share freely as you wish) - peace


    What innocence
    might return to a child
    who imagines Peace One Day

    What soft light, in Bright eyes
    when a child hears
    yes, you can go outside to Play

    For once
    in all these troubled times
    there will be no War today...

    What innocence
    might return to a child
    who imagines Peace One Day

    -Jo McKay
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    Aug 26 2011: I work in an educational setting and have strong contact with almost every family who attends our program (over a 1,000 families). As a group, they are committed to providing the very best educational experiences for their children.

    I am going to send out a marketing event email to our families a week prior to the 9/21 Make Peace event for them to join us at a Marshmallow Campfire Sing-Along for Peace. We are designating the marshmallow as the official food of peace and the song "We All Live Together" by Greg Milang and Steve Scelsa as our official song of peace.

    Here are the lyrics:

    Oh we all live together
    Yes we all live together
    Oh we all live together
    Together every day.

    We live in a house in a neighborhood
    The neighborhood is a part of the city
    The city's in a county and the county's in a state
    A part of the USA
    And the USA is a great big place
    But it still just a part of a place called Earth
    The big old Earth is out in space
    A part of the universe.

    Oh we all live together
    Yes we all live together
    Oh we all live together
    Together every day.
  • Aug 18 2011: A group of us from the Niagara Region will be gathering in the Name of peace at Oakes Garden next to the Falls on Sept. 21st. There will be music and dancing. I've come to believe that music can be a great tool to the implementation of peaceful relations. Group harmony is important to music and to play in harmony we must listen and negotiate space in a fair way. I think this is a lesson from music that can contribute towards Peace on Earth.
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      Aug 24 2011: Hello Carl David! I'd like to learn more. Would you email me the details on the TED email system please?
    • Aug 25 2011: What a great idea. I love Oakes Garden. What a beautiful place for your gathering. I will be there in spirit.
  • Aug 11 2011: My small contribution to peace on Sept. 21 is that I will host a meeting of my Awe-full group and I will show this TED talk. My friends and I meet to find ways to be full of awe to counteract negativity in the world. Usually we start with an inspiring TED talk such as Jeremy's and discuss it. Then we talk about our own experiences of awe, times when we have been full of awe (such as a time in nature, or being with an awe-inspiring person, or having a personal experience of awe.) We do not talk about religion. I invite people to gather friends and start their own awe groups.
  • Aug 11 2011: I will send email to WAR lords /generals saying that:

    " You have lost it even you have won the WAR"

    Please debate on any issue. Otherwise, It will teach you culture of having weapon and finding solution thru war. It will continue killing as long as culture remains. It is not easy to overcome this cutlure, not it please.
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    Sep 9 2011: Smile to everyone. Say "thank you" a lot. And hold the doors for others. Simple things I can do that can make others and myself happy and peaceful.
  • Sep 1 2011: On sept 21st i'll live the exact same way as i always have, peacefully. I don't need a peace day to be peaceful any more than I need valentine's day to express my love for my wife.
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    Aug 31 2011: I have suggested an event that I will be helping to organize where I work for many people to see and to spread the word of the existence of the global peace one day UN resolution which many people still are not aware that it exists.
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    Aug 30 2011: Perhaps an indirect - but perhaps quite effective way of promoting peace and tolerance - introduce at least one person you know to TED and TED Talks on September 21st.
  • Aug 29 2011: @Colleen Steen

    There is a difference between making accusation to all humans and specific subgroup of humans. In first part of the post I was referring to my discontent of humanity - all humans. In second part I was referring to people who are not consistent in their moral values - subgroup of humans. It is incorrect to presume debate about all humans transfers automatically into all parts of the post.
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      Sep 8 2011: Mr. Anony Mouse, Could you please define 'discontempt' for me? It is a new word for me and I'd like to understand your meaning.
      • Sep 9 2011: Sorry, I have made a spelling error. I believe the right word would be "discontent" - as in: "dissatisfaction; restless desire for something more or different". I'm not a native English speaker, so I mostly use intuition with spelling of words and sentence formation, it's usually right, but I still fail at certain words and/or sentences.
  • Aug 29 2011: I think it is difficult for people to make peace at the 11th hour if we have not prior to that make peace with many things or with people. I think thoughts of regrets of not making peace earlier would take over us at that moment. Better therefore to make peace now than to wait to make peace on doomsday. :)
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      Sep 8 2011: Yes Carole but wouldn't you agree that it all has to start somewhere and starting late is better than never starting?
      • Sep 9 2011: Yes Debra, I totally agree with you.:)
  • Aug 28 2011: i will feel peace if i dont have conflict to anyone in the world in real or vitually. So, as simple as that, I will not in conflict with anyone on that day and try to do that everyday :)

    And to make other people aware of the important of peace and to make people believe that peace could happen, i will post the Jeremy video on my facebook home to share to my friends on fb.
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    Aug 28 2011: In my environment, that is your typical upper-middle class American suburbia, peace doesn't mean lowering our guns as much as it means shutting up about people behind their back. On the date of September 21st, 2011, I will try harder than I ever have not to be so bad to people like most of us are every day. If I see someone I have never met, I will make no assumptions whatsoever about his or her lifestyle. I will not tell any lies. I will talk to my family and friends as if I knew I would never see them again. I will form a list of people in my head who I feel have really been good to me and make sure they know it. I will hug my parents tighter and thank my favorite teachers for being there for me and looking out for me. I will confess to things I have done, and ask for forgiveness. No, not from any god, but from those who have been directly affected by some of the choices I have made. I want to apologize to my mother for not spending a lot of time with the family, or being a "ghost" in her words. I want to apologize to my dad for not always remembering how much he has done for me to give him a better life than he ever dreamed of as a child. And, lastly, I want to really check in with myself. Do something for myself. Treat myself to a day without homework (of course doing it beforehand), or to a nice long nap.
    The time we have on this earth is short, and as much as I want peace for all 365 days of the year, the fact that so many of us have truly come together to make this decision makes me truly satisfied to some level. Lets really take this day to our advantage and stop. Live in that moment. Feel how happier we actually are.
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    Aug 27 2011: I hope we can celebrate the tenth anniversary of Global Peace One Day by having a new UNresolution reconfirming humanity's commitment to Peace One Day. I call for a new idea calling for Peace Every Day with a global cease fire and declaration of world peace. Many scientists are saying we may be accelerating environmental crises, we have to realize that we are making the environment toxic with all of the bombing, atomic testing and use of weapons of mass destruction that has been going on for the past century. We may wind up causing a mass extinction of life on Earth. We have to realize what we are doing and where we are heading and quickly change paths. We must strengthen the systems that help in peaceful conflict resolution. We can encourage the use of fair arbitration, mediation and the courts to settle disputes not resorting to violence and killing. I suggest we begin a Global Declaration of World Peace asking each country starting with the country listed as most peaceful on the Global Peace Index of 153 Counties. One by one each country may read the declaration of world peace and global cease fire and elect to sign on. As more and more countries sign on the idea will build momentum for world peace as hopefully no country would want to obstruct efforts for humanity to finally come to an agreement to stop fighting. There are 82 of 153 countries that were ranked more peaceful than the USA. USA likes to be the leader in all technology and the most powerful country in the world. We have to use our wisdom to become the leader in the peace effort and rank number one on this index within the next 5 years. USA must win at the Peace Race. How can we win the war if we lose the planet? Lets establish a US cabinet position called the Secretary of Peace and establish judicial oversight of the planning of all military operations as war is a crime and a series of illegal acts that are accepted but should not be tolerated on Earth. Humans must become more peaceful
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    Aug 27 2011: Hi, That is a great question. I have been speaking about Global Peace One Day ever since I saw the Ted Talk by Jeremy Gilley and watched his documentaries about the UN resolution for a the global cease fire that day. I have written to President Obama, several senators, the UN and even large corporations asking them to promote and support this idea. I suggested that global peace one day banners be put up all around the world, that day should be made into a national holiday, that we need to utilize more tools to help the world lessen tensions and hostilities. We need to develop more global events of peace, friendship and sustainability. Creating a 24 hour global film festival showing films related to ideas to spread peace would be great to do each year. If films are made of Peace One Day events and concerts organized by individuals and groups around the world they could be seen on The Peace One Day Website it would become a great video library of great ideas on how we can steer humanity in a peaceful path. I am announcing the creation of a PEACE ONE DAY THINK TANK and I am inviting people to join in. I believe that people's addictions and compulsive behaviors are contributing to war. Since there likely has never been a day on Earth throughout all history where no human being had been killed by another it seems as a species are addicted to fighting, war, weapons, power, money, status, greed, riches, fossil fuel, over consumption, wastefulness, drugs, nicotine, alcohol, overeating and quick fixes. We have a behavior problem and we have to grow up, seek help and stop fighting. I suggest we begin a global 12 step fellowship, similar to Alcoholics Anonymous available to all humans seeking to recover from their compulsive behaviors leading to conflict and unrest. Imagine if the leaders of the world, the armies, the commanders, the warriors did join a self help fellowship to overcome these addictions and begin a healing process. We can develop new peaceful ways.
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    Aug 26 2011: I would aim to be conscious of my actions. I would try to remain patient when deciding things, avoid negative body language and take a 24-hour vacation from selfishness.
  • Aug 26 2011: Jeremy Gilley, your effort to promote world peace is extraordinary and your passion evident. I think you should be the next winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, you deserve it. Not to mention that it would add exposure and help the cause.
  • lu jj

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    Aug 24 2011: Ok heres what i've thought of so far :
    1- be a less aggressive driver and tone down the road rage . & believe me it isnt easy seeing where i live!
    2-be a nice to strangers
    3- leave nice notes on people's cars & i'll also tell them about peace day
  • Aug 24 2011: I'll help promote the wonderful day by telling my friends.
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    jag .

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    Aug 24 2011: I will holdpeace and positive thoughts about the world and its people for that day.

    And be extra peaceful that day, for me the best way to do that is to go 'inside'; sedona method, meditation, etc

    I feel it will be a great day.
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    Aug 24 2011: I will shut-up, listen (I really liked that talk), get a good night's sleep, and start September 20TH.
  • Aug 17 2011: We put too much emphasis on peace. Since the United Nations was founded, mainly to turn swords into plowshares, we have not had a single year without war. In those years, we have endured peace where we have had to avert our eyes, in North Korea, Kampuchia. the Soviet Union, Syria and Iraq. Peace means nothing if the people are enslaved by governments that impose their will on the people and not those that ask for it. Peace means nothing if accompanied by tyranny.

    We need to stop working for peace. We need to work for freedom.
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    Aug 16 2011: including personal practice and meditation and intention as a photographer I will take thousands of images of Multi ethnic adn multi cutural love and appreciation and co operation imagery showing many faiths or groups or colors acting togehter playing togehter living together

    keep it simple.
  • Aug 11 2011: I am going to try and figure out ways to better prepare myself and the world for the possible ramifications of lasting peace and hopefully better facilitate it's arrival and perhaps increase it's longevity.

    Is the world prepared for peace?
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    Aug 11 2011: I would try to talk with a school principle to record a video on innocent kids to request all fighting groups to have peace for one day in Afghanistan.
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      Aug 12 2011: You know, no matter how angry I was I might honestly listen to the plea of a child so I am giving this suggestion a thumbs up for making me hopeful that something simple like this might have an impact.
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    Sep 10 2011: What I always try to do--make others happy and let them know I care.
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    Sep 9 2011: Have a look how others establish peace and live with it - Nadejda Koseva made a film about it called "Omelette"

    Here is an interview with her:
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    Sep 9 2011: Keep harmony in the house, tell my kids not to fight and smile at everyone I see...and encourage everyone at TEDxMIA to join the movement. Thanks Jeremy!!
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    Sep 4 2011: People hold on to convictions. They often let their thoughts and actions be led completely by their belief and convictions. These convictions are usually transferred by people from the direct environment or originate from the group, the community, the culture, the nation of which they form part. These convictions have an emotional charge and thus also a profound and complication relation with the self image. To redirect the process of intolerance it is necessary to question our belief and convictions and to show our willingness to have more empathy with others. In this way our actions can really contribute to more peacefulness in society.
  • Aug 31 2011: I'm going to clean and maintain my tools of peace. Namely my M4 carbine.
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      Aug 31 2011: And how have you used it as a tool of peace lately if I may ask?
      • Sep 1 2011: As a protector of the peace, a liberator of those enslaved by tyranny, a guardian of freedoms established by the people and for the people, and as a defender of the weak and the innocent. That is the bringing about of peace in action. As idealistic as a "peace day" is, Peace is a never-ending process, not a destination, and unfortunately the evil people and organizations of the world will never be swayed to adopt a passive lifestyle. And by necessity, it becomes the responsibility of others to stand up against such evils in place of those who cannot adequately defend themselves against such forces.
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          Sep 1 2011: I agree with you that military action is at times necessary, however should always be that last resort when other options have failed.
      • Sep 2 2011: Agreed, and unfortunately it happens more than anyone likes. Although, I guess if there was no conflict in the world, 1% of the U.S. and I would be out of a job. But, it is something we still strive for.
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      Sep 8 2011: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to Conrad!
  • Aug 30 2011: Hello to all ted members I agree with most people on this issue of september 21 its a long over dew day in are calender I support it and will tell as many to do so as well.We all walk a path in life but we need not to walk it alone let their be a day of true peace take care every one.
  • Aug 28 2011: @Colleen Steen

    Yes most probably nothing happens, but what happens even if you try hard enough? If you are not a statistical anomaly most probably nothing, as all your effort gets nullified over generations. I'm fairly solid in my beliefs, however I haven't found a group which completely agrees with my views. Yes some members of crowd were probably frightened, but some were also outraged or vengeful (mostly towards islamis extremists, and while people tend to over generalize for no apperant reason whatsoever, they generalized it to people of islamic origin/religion/middle eastern nations - which is a simple logical fallacy, I know how crowd mentality works so those people may have helped spread war oriented "enthusiasm"). I was also partially referring to initial attitude before WWI towards war (which was present on all sides). I'm also bothered how people also mention Nazi crimes(lol Goodwin's law), while nobody mentiones in same extent crimes of Josiph Stalin or western allies. I would really like to see where I'm hypocritic, pityful and/or pathetic. Sure we can start but that won't bring conversation any further.
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      Aug 28 2011: Mr. Mouse,
      Yes, some of the crowd was outraged or vengeful (fear). Yes... crowd mentality works in a way that helps spread war oriented "enthusiasm". We know there have been a number of war crimes throughout history...I agree. You were the one who made the accusation of all humans being hypocritical, pityful and pathetic....look again at your comment. I simply suggested you look in the mirror:>) If you don't want to go any further with the conversation, it's ok with me. I will have conversations with those individuals who really want to change things:>)
      • Aug 28 2011: I was not making accusation of all humans being hypocritical pityful and pathethic - you are incorrectly presuming that. I reserved mark of hypocricy to those arguing for value of life (possibly of one culture) while putting on cheerful faces while individual is killed (possibly of another culture, philosophical belief) - they are certainly self-contradictory with that act. Marks of being pityful and pathethic are reserved for same type of people/actions as well.
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          Aug 28 2011: Dear Mr. Mouse,
          In your comment, 7 hours ago, you state:
          "I will probably sit on my ass thinking about how incredibly stupid humans much about your human life values - hypocrites. Pityful, you are absolutely pathetic! Get your head out of your ass and start thinking as a human being..."

          If that is not an accusation, I don't know what is. I'm not "presuming" anything...I'm reading your comment.
  • Aug 28 2011: Nothing, I will probably sit on my ass thinking about how incredibly stupid humans are, forcing their way of life and flawed philosophy to others, unable to employ correct reason, advocating politics and killing themselves over trivial issues, while knowing I cannot significantly influence it. I throw all religious or otherwisely biased idiots in the same basket, I do not posess any specific bias towards Middle Eastern countries, US, Christianity, Islam or even against Church of flying spaghetti monster - they are all victims of flawed philosophy/fairytales.. I wonder how many hundreds of thousands civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq died due to 9/11 excuse and other lies - and nobody cares right? What about crysis in Darfur? Or people dying every day due to use of coal power, road accidents, obesity - while people are starving, cancer, suicides? People barely report on that... While you all get loud about 9/11? So one american life is worth more than 33.3 (if we take lower limit of 100k) Iraq civilian lives? How many died for capitalism, during cold war era? Or during nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or firebombing of Dresden (200k-500k casualties) (which is a nice example of crime against humanity)? And all the praising and parades over death of Osama Bin Laden, so much about your human life values - hypocrites. Pityful, you are absolutely pathetic! Get your head out of your ass and start thinking as a human being, not as member of some artificially made polygon on earth's surface.
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      Aug 28 2011: Dear Mr. Mouse,
      You will "sit on your ass thinking about how incredibly stupid humans are"? Are you not one of us?
      If you truly believe that you "cannot significantly influence it", then of course you cannot. I, and many others are aware of the many ways in which people die. You call "us" "hypocrites"? "Pityful"? "Pathetic"? Interesting...perhaps it is time to look in the mirror?
      • Aug 28 2011: Okay maybe I wasn't accurate enough I was referring to humanity. I represent approximately 1/7 x 10^-9 of humanity thus I'm negligible. Some studies show you need to convince 10% of population( that's approximately 7 x 10^8 humans), which need to have absolutely solid belief and do not want to change it, in order to considerably influence opinion on something, as I'm reasonable person I know my probability of doing so is rather low (negligible).

        I'm calling "you" (US citizen - I know (I hope?) you are not all like that, but there's a visible fraction which is) hypocrites merely because you are so biased towards one form of human tragedy and think of world in too egocentric manner. I agree 9/11 was tragic, but aftermath was much more tragic in my opinion. Many more innocent people died, and only because 2996 US citizens who died in that horrible attack. I can still remember Bush adressing nation, and promising some form of retaliation, while crowds praised him. Crowds praising him were disgusting (I heavily despise war mongering attitude), not only Bush, he gave nation what he was expected to and possibly because of some deeper strategic interests (he could have easily declined to do so if he had any sense of humanity). I witnessed the same thing in time following Osama Bin Laden execution, sure he was responsible for that attack, but was he not a human being like you americans are (I saw many people were very happy, smiling and waving posters, containing primitive/insulting/disrespectful content) ? Also, his excuse for attacking Iraq was heavily flawed - no alledged chemical weapons were found, he could have possibly knew that, and yet he attacked it still. Are you able to rationally explain reasons and give evidence for me being hypocritic, pityful and pathetic, while not keeping it too personal? Only if you give me reason I will listen. So far you have provided none.
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          Aug 28 2011: Mr. Mouse,
          We are all only a small fraction of the whole. If we all say we are "negligible", what happens? Probably nothing huh? I agree with your statistics...10% of the population need to be solid in their belief to create change. When are you going to be "solid" enough to join the group who is facilitating change?

          I agree...9/11 was tragic, and the aftermath was also tragic. The crowds who were praising Bush were probably frightened, and that is no cause for more violence. I do not agree with war mongering attitudes either, and that we seem to be in agreement on. We KNOW that their were strategic interests on the part of Bush and his family, and I am not at all proud of that, nor am I proud of the actions he took. Yes, we are all human beings, sharing this earth space, and I do not agree with any disrespectful, insulting attacks or remarks. Yes...his excuse for attacking Iraq was heavily flawed. I have no desire to prove you to be hypocritic, pityful or pathetic, nor do I see any evidence for you to be accusing all humans of behaving in that way. This topic is about making peace. Shall we start?
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    Aug 26 2011: I respect your trust on peoples will to sacrifice their own interest for a global peace. But it never worked that way. WW1 one started by a nationalist group. WW2 was started by another nationalist group which was supported by people's tendency to take capital from another ethnicity. The genocide in Rwanda was started by street gangs. The semi genocide in sudan was started by a tribe who wanted to control the water supllies in a rural area. I can give dozens of examples.

    In fact I believe that horse is the selfish nature of humanity and cart is the violence that is carried by...
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    Aug 24 2011: I will turn off the lights, make others participate on this plan, and together stay still in the darkness.
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    Aug 20 2011: Op woensdag 21 september, de Internationale Dag van de Vrede, wordt voor het derde achtereenvolgende jaar in de Westerkerk, Amsterdam het Vredesconcert gegeven. Die week is het De Week van de Vrede. De netto opbrengst van het concert in 2011 is bestemd voor War Child Nederland.

    De aanvang van het Vredesconcert is 20:15 uur. De toegangsprijs is € 10-, kinderen t/m 15 jaar gratis.

    Het programma zal voor een deel bestaan uit optredens van kinderen van verschillende basisscholen in Amsterdam, die hebben meegedaan aan een musical die is geschreven door War Child Nederland. Ook is een spreker uitgenodigd van War Child Nederland om op die avond iets te vertellen over deze organisatie. Het is de bedoeling deze optredens te combineren met optredens van jeugdige musici.

    Het programma zal worden gepresenteerd door de tv-presentatrice Lisa Wade.

    Tijdens het Vredesconcert zal het Vredes Groeitapijt symbolisch aan WarChild Nederland worden overhandigd.

    Het Vredes Groeitapijt project werd in 2007 opgezet door de vredesstichting Zonneglossis. Sindsdien werden meer dan 3000 lapjes ingezonden en in het tapijt verwerkt. Scholen hebben meegedaan met honderden leerlingen. Het laatste jaar hebben ook ruim 300 kunstenaars een werk voor dit goede doel ingeleverd. Het zijn waardevolle en schitterende kunstwerkdelen van het Vredes Groeitapijt, met een boodschap van vrede, geworden..

    Delen van dit Vredestapijt zullen tijdens het Vredesconcert worden verkocht ten bate van War Child Nederland.

    Dit is een unieke kans om in het bezit te komen van een schitterend aandenken aan het Vredes Groeitapijt, waarvan 75% van de opbrengst bestemd is voor War Child.
  • Aug 17 2011: If we can make the world peaceful in one day,It means that we can do it everyday.
    Why don't we just go straight and live in peace forever.
    The problem is pride,lack of consciousness,corruption,abuse,division and confusion in Religion and Race.
    we must all know that we are all connected.
    we are the perfect triad not like the triad of the worldwide corrupt system.
    We are here to make Love.
  • Aug 17 2011: I think we all should be Humble,Forgiving,Kind and Loving.
    Lets all forget the pains from the past and move on and be loving.
    A great Genius once said
    "All you need is Love"
    We are made to love but we are here in a world full of hatred and pain.Its up to us beings of love to
    spread the light and love.
    The key in opening world peace is
    Humility,Love and Understanding.
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    Aug 16 2011: Humans are built to love war until they endure it and to love peace afterward. Unfortunately history is very clear: Each generation re-learns this by experience.... Those who fight in wars learn first; civilians who survive it learn next; those who win painless victories never learn it.
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    Aug 13 2011: I would like to remind the quote ...............Even peace may be purchased at too high a price.
    Benjamin Franklin
    so on september 21....let's persuade each other to create and maintain peace for a day....and to.concentrate on staying healthy, having peace, being happy, remembering what is important, taking in nature and animals, spending time reading, trying to understand the universe, where science and the spiritual meet. !!!!
    thank u
    Banani acharya
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    Aug 11 2011: I was super inspired by this talk. Just off the top of my head I feel like organizing an event in Oslo on 21 Sep. If somebody else isn't already doing this. If you are I want in! Never mind what. As long as I feel I did as much as I reasonably could, I'm happy.
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    Aug 11 2011: I know you guys will hate me for saying it but there will be no global peace until Israel dismisses itself as a state and become a province of Palestinian Republic . And even after that peace with its true meaning will not be exercised for a long time. With higher odds people like me will start to defend Isarelis this time who suffer under Palestinian rule... and so on.

    Sorry for bringing cold breeze to warm peace wishes but I dont buy this whole ''lets publish peace comments from our facebook accounts and sooner or later bad guys will have to follow us'' idea. Still respect the effort but find it useless.
    • Aug 11 2011: It is perhaps better to view this day as the first step in a long journey. No journey shall be made without endeavor and therefore no destination reached.
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      Aug 12 2011: Hi Erol, I need to disagree with the idea that spreading the message that peace is desirable and possible is simply done to make people feel like they are doing something. In a time when many people are seriously influenced by media and media carries messages when they are paid for, I think it is important for people around the world to know that other average people on an average day really think that peace is what they want for their lives and that they think others deserve it too. i am heartened when I know that many many Americans wish and yearn for peace regardless of their government's policies. I am heartened when clear thinking Russians, Chinese, Ugandans, Malaysians, Canadians, French, German, South Africans - all want PEACE sooner rather than later. A million voices raised becomes a chorus that inspires a million more to sing a song of peace and the politicians and the corporate interests either have to plug their ears, move to more obscure tactics or admit that peace is a better way.
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        Aug 16 2011: I agree.
        media plus intention = exponential synergistic power
        BEYOND the details of current conflicts.
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        Aug 24 2011: Hi Debra,

        I dont think that Malaysians, French, Algerians, Cypriots or Latvians want the peace less or more than Americans. Actually everybody wants peace while everybody also wants other things which cause wars. We cant put all the blame on politicians on wars and take the credits for peace time. Wars are usually started by people and then carried out by politicians.
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          Aug 24 2011: Erol, I am particularly interested in your premise that wars are started by people and carried out by politicians. Can you elaborate and give me examples. This is outside my understanding of the issues and I am always keen to understand another perspective.

          PS: The financial data seems to be against your premise that people of other nationalities want peace to the same extent that Americans do. No other nation is willing to spend the hard earned tax dollars of their citizens to wage wars around the world to the same extent as far as I can see. I think this is direct evidence to the contrary.
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      Aug 26 2011: Erol - I disagree with your premise.

      It's a matter of putting the horse before the cart rather than the cart before the horse.
      The horse is the engine. The cart is what the horse brings. The will of the people to come together to find peaceful solutions to the world's conflicts is the "horse". The end result of that power brings change - the "cart". The kind of change you and I both want so much. Peace.
  • Aug 11 2011: Interesting;. The We Can Work It Out Project started in June 2011 goal is a a worldwide day of cooperation,peace and harmony to be celebrated with music, dance and art on 21 December 201 supposedly the last day of the Mayan calendar and the Beginning of a new age. We at WCWIO hope to help that new age begin Starting with just 3 our goal is to reach 7 billion and ask them to join our effort.
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    Aug 11 2011: Hi Sabin Muntean
    I will be less violent and aggressive. This will not be easy since I am already living a completely non-violent life. Besides visiting the web sites and showing support, spreading the word, and donating some money, I think I will also broadcast the idea that I will not even watch (nor listen to) violence in my entertainment on that day. If there is a theme song (such as "We Are the World," "Let There Be Peace On Earth," "Imagine," or "I Believe The Children Are Our Future") I will learn it and sing it. I will contact my representatives and express peaceful motives for anything I want them to vote for or against.

    I will continue to ask this question of my friends, family, and acquaintances.