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What will you do to make peace on September 21?

A conversation in which to discuss Jeremy Gilley's "TED wish" from his TEDGlobal 2011 talk on one day of peace.

Please mind - whereas the talk's discussion thread is best suited to discuss the talk itself, this conversation is especially meant for you to express your own ideas on how you could act as a change agent by promoting peace for at least one day.

Topics: peace

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  • Aug 29 2011: @Colleen Steen

    There is a difference between making accusation to all humans and specific subgroup of humans. In first part of the post I was referring to my discontent of humanity - all humans. In second part I was referring to people who are not consistent in their moral values - subgroup of humans. It is incorrect to presume debate about all humans transfers automatically into all parts of the post.
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      Sep 8 2011: Mr. Anony Mouse, Could you please define 'discontempt' for me? It is a new word for me and I'd like to understand your meaning.
      • Sep 9 2011: Sorry, I have made a spelling error. I believe the right word would be "discontent" - as in: "dissatisfaction; restless desire for something more or different". I'm not a native English speaker, so I mostly use intuition with spelling of words and sentence formation, it's usually right, but I still fail at certain words and/or sentences.

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