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What do you consider the best gift you have ever been given?

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Closing Statement from Rachel Mander

Life is a gift we all have in common and it enables us to be blessed by other things such as family and skills like creativity.

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    Aug 10 2011: My kids! No question.
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      Aug 11 2011: thanks. U rememberd me my mom. A thumbs up for all moms of the world.
    • Aug 11 2011: I agree - children. The best gifts are life and creativity. Being able to bring forth life is the ultimate creative experience.
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    Aug 10 2011: life
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    Aug 11 2011: 2 years ago my wife bought me an old style typewriter in order to encourage me for writing. That was touching.
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    Aug 10 2011: My old man, who taught me that the only way to see truth is to see something's dark and light side.
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    Aug 11 2011: A pen with a note book
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    Aug 11 2011: Every living creature is given this blessed ability - to be creative. Even though this ability can be developed by one to some various degree, creativity is an inborn gift for the sake of one's life and its continuity.

    For the reason that our sensory perceptions are greatly limited and extremely crude ( no telescopes or microscopes, or spaceships can dramatically augment our old mind's perceptions) many of us believe that we can see the same sun every day, the same people, live in the same house, calculate the very same identical numbers, or can feel exactly as others - it is a great illusion. Our most refined research and calculations are only grand approximations, that cannot keep up with the magnificent nature's change.

    Whether we comprehend this blessed opportunity or not -- we are new in every moment, so is the world around us.

    Creativity is a gift that is given to every living form for the sake of its survival and evolution.
  • Aug 11 2011: my family and my job.....................i love wat i do
  • Aug 11 2011: The best gift I have ever been given is simple, LIFE
  • Aug 11 2011: I could'nt gift my loved one, so I gifted with kiss.

    Well appreciated
  • Aug 10 2011: the gift of thinking, how can we enjoy anything if not by thinking of it, feelings, pictures, food, nothing can make a sense if the brain don't work a little, at least to make you "see" "taste" "touch".......
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    Aug 10 2011: My camera. I guess it opened my eyes for the endless beauty of this world. :) So I stopped taking mental, momentous photos 'cause I already had some for keeps which was nice for a change.
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    Aug 11 2011: Is a gift percieved as given or as recieved?
  • Aug 11 2011: The ability to have two or more conflicting ideas and or emotions at the same time without feeling the need categorize or judge them.
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    Aug 11 2011: Loving family.