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What are your three best tips on how to lead a fulfilling life?

I am looking for short actionable suggestions people have that can lead to a more fulfilling life. We have all heard and experienced numerous abstract bromides on what makes a fulfilled life. I am seeking a more Buddhist-like practical tips that anyone can do starting NOW that can add fulfillment to ones life. My three best tips are:

a. Make sure to call a friend or family member every day and ask them how their day was
b. Listen three times more than you talk i.e. 3 words listened for every word spoken
c. Write a journal noting things you are grateful for and things you have questions on


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    Feb 21 2011: Talk to people and, more importantly, listen to them. We are social animals. Jane Chin's number one of spending time with important people in your life is excellent, but we need to find new important people as well.
    Syd Nash's number one is interesting because I feel the exact opposite. Maybe this is because I usually have too much planned so I feel I need more unplanned, spontaneous time. Perhaps we should be looking for balance here: goals and sense of accomplishment are important, but too much planning leaves us less open to the new and interesting, and less able to react to what we learn as we go.

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