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Should technology (such as cell phones, video games, iPods, etc.), be allowed in camps?

I volunteer at a sports Summer camp, and there has been a recent ban in technology. Of course, the kids (ages range from 6-14) complain. But I personally believe in the concept that if kids can't enjoy the outdoors, play ground, etc. like before, who will? As we all know, technology has become a huge part in our society. But how far is too far? I know there are different types of camps, but I'm referring to sports and nature camps, mostly.
I want to hear everyone's personal opinion. :) Whether this ban is right or wrong. Whether this ban is positive or negative. Whether each camp in general should follow these guidelines when it comes to technology.


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    Aug 11 2011: Hey,Ashley, I need to say that we don't know actually the reasons behind banning those technologies? is it because those things could be distractions in their life in the camps?
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      Aug 15 2011: Hey Yan! I honestly do believe that those can be complete distractions. Like William said before, although you can use these gadgets for educational purposes, a main reason why they use them usually points towards noneducational purposes. I just feel like if it's becoming difficult to differentiate how, why, and where to use your electronics or not, it's a problem. Thank you for commenting!

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